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Halloween Crochet Patterns Free
Getting married is a huge commitment, and so is the endeavour to crochet your own wedding dress. While crocheting your wedding dress sounds practically impossible, there have been more than a few brides who have managed to take on that challenge and accomplish that.

Now that the warmer weather is among us in Vancouver, BC, so is the wedding season. Choosing a wedding dress has become part of the wedding experience worth documenting. Just look at the popular reality TV show, "Say Yes to the Dress".

A few years ago, I made an infinity wrap/shawl for my friend who got married. But just imagine how special it would be to make your own wedding dress or when your daughter/granddaughter asks you to make their wedding dress for their big day. That wedding dress would be treasured forever.

Namaste Crochet's Edith Dress (crochet pattern) - Crochet Wedding Dress
I returned home from Disneyland about a month ago, and I have been going through a Disney withdrawal since. I've been watching walkthroughs of the park and listening to music that they normally play on Main Street, USA.

It's incredible what kind of effect Disney Parks has on me.

Disney people are my kind of people. There's something about that place where once you walk through the gates, it's suddenly OK to let your inner child free. In other words, I'm not ashamed to be a Disney adult.

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Once you step into the park, it's not silly anymore to wear mouse ears, sit in a pirate ship and fly above London with Peter Pan, or get excited to meet Mickey Mouse even though you know it's an actual person inside that costume. It even felt natural to wear a Minnie Mouse polka dot dress out in public!

Disneyland Castle Family Photo
Many things have happened in the last year for our family. BB has lost 2 teeth, I started a new job, and our family moved into a new home!

As the year comes to an end, we start looking forward to the new year with new beginnings. At the start of the new year, crocheters often start looking at temperature yarn projects. Google searches often come back with "temperature blankets". 

Sometimes, crocheting blankets can be such a daunting project. What if you lose interest and don't end up finishing it? 

Unless you're working off temperatures from years in the past, you're not going to have all your temperature data all at once. So in those cases, you might only be able to work on it one row or one piece a day.

So aside from some beautiful temperature blankets, here are also some other very creative temperature projects (that are NOT blankets)!

Moss Stitch Temperature Blanket

Crochet temperature blanket stripes
Halloween is just around the corner! Although it helps, cosplay is not restricted to just Halloween. You'll normally see cosplayers fully dressed as their favourite characters at special conventions and festivals.

Cosplay costumes are not just any off-the-rack costumes that you would normally find in a store. Many dedicated cosplayers set out to create their own costumes because they want more detail in them. 

Cosplay has really exploded since the 1990s. I've seen many amazing cosplay costumes, but here's something different. They're not just crochet costumes. They're crocheted cosplay costumes! 

Let's check them out:

Princess Anna's Coronation Dress

Crochet Cosplay: Princess Anna Coronation Dress
Today is May 4th. You might be thinking... so? Well,... May the 4th ("force") be with you too!

I'll apologize in advance, but I'm actually not a Star Wars fan. I tried watching it (multiple times) but it just doesn't grow on me like it does on some other people.

I guess I take after my mom. She's the type that falls asleep when you make her watch Star Wars.

Over Christmas last year, everyone was going crazy over baby Yoda (AKA. the child) from The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda's crochet patterns started popping up everywhere!

But before Baby Yoda came along and blew up the Internet, makers were already creating crochet patterns inspired by this extremely popular franchise for years.

So I thought to tie this very much celebrated day with my hobby, I would share with you a roundup of some of the coolest Star Wars crochet patterns I found!

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Don't have time to make it right this instant? Pin it for later!

Star Wars Crochet Patterns
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I have decided to try something new. And no, I don't mean knitting.

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a doll of my own design. I have tried out many doll patterns by different designers and I learn something through every one of them. I learn what I like and didn't like about each one. Once I got more comfortable, I started combining all the elements that I like into the doll that I am designing!

PS: Please ignore the messy background of the photos. These are extremely raw/unedited photos that I have taken as I was making this doll.

Skin Tone Color Yarn for Amigurumi Dolls
Happy New Year!!!

Making a New Year's resolutions are many people's tradition. Most people have resolutions like to exercise more, eat more healthy, save more money, get more sleep, etc. That's why the gym is typically packed in January. While I'm always working on those things, I'm going to start a new tradition -- I'm going to make Crochet Resolutions!

Crochet Resolutions 2019
Well, here we go again! It's the beginning of another school year!

By the way, Aren't these cute?! These crocheted plush pencils were made with Bernat Blanket Yarn using the free crochet pattern designed by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me! The pencils were quick and easy to work up and they are absolutely adorable!

Apparently, back-to-school teacher gifts are a thing now?! Lucky my kids are only in daycare so I don't have to worry about that yet. I actually gifted the first one I made to my supervisor/charge nurse when she retired last year in September. I joked that with a pencil this big, it won't ever go missing again!

These pencils are so adorable, BB often pretends to draw on the wall with them. And from the looks of it, it seems like Mui Mui has taken a liking to them too!

She loves putting it against her cheek because it's so soft. I just realized that I rarely share Mui Mui's photos on the blog, but I promise you that she's real! This photo was from when she was 9 months old (before she knew how to walk).

She's 14 months now and she's a wild child! I can't believe now fast time flies. I am exhausted most days trying to keep her from jumping off the couch and breaking her neck.

Crochet Plush Giant Teacher's Pencil DIY Gift
The music festival season is among us. Everyone's talking about Beyonce at Coachella this year, but Coachella is just the beginning of many more music festivals to come.

Coachella, in particular, is attended by many celebrities. While you obviously go there for the music, music festival fashion has become a topic of interest for some. For the most part, anything goes. There are a lot of outfits that you may see people wear to music festivals that you may not see people wear out onto the streets.

I've never been to a music festival and I have no desire to. I'm not a huge fan of crowds. In fact, I would rather be sitting in the comfort of my own couch at home and catch it live stream on YouTube (a term I dub as "Couchella").

Either way, while lurking the internet, I have come across some festival crochet fashion looks for inspiration and thought I would share them with you here!

Alessandra Ambrosio

If anyone is going to rock a pair of rainbow crochet short shorts, it would be Alessandra Ambrosio, a former Victoria's Secret model. Not just that, but the matching rainbow fringed denim jacket is just spot on. This mom of two knows how to live life and party it up.

Crochet at Coachella (Credit: Instagram @alessandraambrosio)
A month or so ago, I stumbled upon these beautiful bundles of yarn called Bernat's Baby Bundle at Walmart. The mix of textures caught my attention and the colours within each bundle complemented each other so well. There were so many colours to choose from and I just couldn't decide. I knew I would need about 3 balls to complete a baby blanket, so I figured I would choose 3 different colours.

Rainbow Sherbet Baby Bundler Blanket

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