About Me

Hello! My name is Juli and welcome to my blog!

Crafting has been in my blood ever since I was a little girl, but since my studies were always the priority, crafting had to take a back seat (especially during university). I didn't rediscover my passion and love for crafting until after I got married in 2013.

This obsession for yarn crafts all started from a wedding gift we received, a pair of handmade amigurumi bunnies in wedding attire. The moment I held these bunnies in my hand, I fell in love with them. The uniqueness of handmade and knowing that it's one of a kind made me feel so special.

amigurumi wedding bunnies

I end up learning the art of basic crocheting from my mother. As my interest grew, I began learning more advanced techniques through internet tutorials. I've been so inspired by designs I find on the web, but patterns may not always be available. So soon, I began to explore writing my own patterns.

My interest in arts and crafts doesn't stop there. I also love papercrafts, scrapbooking, beads and jewellery making, upcycling, baking (if you can count that as a craft) and the joys of simply making something out of nothing. I hope to be able to learn how to sew and knit as well in the future.

Like many crafters, I end up hoarding a lot of crafting supplies. Our space is small, but my loving husband Hanson makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He has been very supportive of my hobby/hobbies and thankfully, doesn't threaten to throw away all my stuff. As he lovingly puts it, "Do whatever that keeps you out of trouble."

wedding photo

Hanson and I have been very blessed to be parents to two wonderful little girls, Hailey and Tracy. They are a handful!

As of now, one takes up little space, and the other one will take apart your place, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Never in my life would I think I'd enjoy motherhood as much as I do.

They gave me more reasons than I needed to craft some more!

family photo

I started Once Upon a Cheerio as an Instagram account back in June 2016. It was just a place for me to share my crafts with the world and microblog at the same time.

For a while, I thought my dream was to open up my own Etsy store and sell my handmade creations one day once everything settles down and I finally have my life in order again.

However, my hands are now full with a toddler and an infant. Besides, I'm not sure how I feel about making the same things over and over again all the time.

I craft for many reasons, but my children have become my greatest inspiration. So I thought I would take up blogging instead to document my journey of motherhood (with a sprinkle of creativity) and things I make for them and hopefully with them in the near future.

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