Halloween is just around the corner! Although it helps, cosplay is not restricted to just Halloween. You'll normally see cosplayers fully dressed as their favourite characters at special conventions and festivals.

Cosplay costumes are not just any off-the-rack costumes that you would normally find in a store. Many dedicated cosplayers set out to create their own costumes because they want more detail in them. 

Cosplay has really exploded since the 1990s. I've seen many amazing cosplay costumes, but here's something different. They're not just crochet costumes. They're crocheted cosplay costumes! 

Let's check them out:

Princess Anna's Coronation Dress

Crochet Cosplay: Princess Anna Coronation Dress
Over the summer, we brought the kids to our public library and signed up for the BC Summer Reading Club. It was a great motivator for the kids to continue to read or do our "activity book" (aka. homework) every day over the summer.

BB was very driven to colour in her circle each time she reads a book or works in her activity book so that she could earn her sticker each time she completes 7 circles. I was a bit easy on her on some days, but I also wanted her to succeed too.

I had some doubts, but by the end of the summer, BB actually finished her Summer Reading Club booklet and managed to earn a medal from the library for all her hard work! She was so proud. She wanted to do more of it!

Free reward chart printable

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