15 Must-Have Practical Gifts for Crocheters in 2024

| Original: February 29, 2024

What should you get as a gift for your friend who always crochets and says "I can make that"?

A crochet hook is like a crocheter's magic wand. We can transform thread and yarn into practically anything like cozy blankets, adorable amigurumi, and stylish garments. So, what do you get the person who can create nearly anything they desire?

Yarn is always a good idea. But do you know what yarn they need for their next project? What about the color they need?

What thoughtful and practical gifts can sweeten the time they spend crocheting? Don't worry, I got you.

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Amour Crochet Hook Set

Ergonomic hooks are a practical gift for crocheters

If you're looking for a gift for a crocheter, there is a chance they already have a set of yarn hooks, but do they have these Clover Amour Crochet Hooks? These crochet hooks are my favorite!. Before I used these crochet hooks, I thought a crochet hook is a crochet hook, is a crochet hook.

However, the way that the yarn just glides off these hooks makes my crochet motion just so much smoother. I am crocheting faster and my stitches look more even because my yarn is not getting caught on my hook. I can't say enough about these fantastic hooks! Buy it on Amazon and/or WeCrochet.

Maker's Midi Yarn Backpack

Yarn Backpack is a practical gift for crocheters

This beautiful and practical yarn backpack called Maker's Midi Backpack is from Della Q of Jimmy Beans Wool. The website describes it as the Goldilocks of project bags because it's not too small, and not too big. It's the perfect size for crafting on the go!

The backpack is cute and stylish. It's designed to sit flat on any surface. It's loaded with a variety of interior and exterior pockets to keep you organized. It's got a yarn feeder on the inside and a cute stitch marker holder on the outside! Buy it on Jimmy Beans Wool.

Portable Yarn Minder

Portable Yarn Holder - Crochet while walking!

I'll admit that I had no idea what this was when I initially saw it, but after seeing it in action (watch the video in the listing) I knew I had to share this clever invention!

This is a portal yarn minder, the ultimate companion for every knitting and crochet enthusiast! You put a ball of yarn on the Mini Minder and hang it on your wrist. And as you crochet, your yarn will slowly unwind from the minder so that you don't have to deal with tangles! Buy it on Etsy.

Row Counter

Cherry Wood Engraved Row Counter is a Practical Gift for Crocheters

Row counters make very practical gifts for the crochet lovers or knitters in your life. This beautiful stitch counter is made using cherry wood is pretty sizeable and features a nocturnal bird owl with plants and flowers.It contains two numbered wheels which are rotated to keep count of the finished rows. Numbers can go from 0-99. Buy it on Etsy.

Susan Bates Twist and Lock Crochet Hook Set

Susan Bates Interchangeable Crochet Hooks

I've learned that there are two types of crochet hooks: tapered and inline hooks. Crocheters who love their inline crochet hooks swear by them and refuse to use any other hooks.

If you're one of those crochet lovers who love their Susan Bates inline crochet hooks, you should check out these Susan Bates Twist + Lock Crochet Hooks. This set has 2 ergonomic handles, 6 different crochet hook sizes, and 2 yarn cutters. You can attach a hook on each side of the handle, or a hook on one side and a yarn/thread cutter on the other side. Buy it on Amazon.

Yarn Bowls

Practical Gifts for Crocheters - Yarn Bowl

Say goodbye to yarn chaos! Yarn bowls help keep yarn organized and prevent it from rolling around or falling off the couch as you crochet. They also make a beautiful piece of decoration in your workspace.

Yarn bowls can come in many different styles and fun designs. This one from WeCrochet is one of the more traditional-looking yarn bowls you might encounter. Buy it from WeCrochet

Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant

Yarn Cutter Pendant is a Practical Gift for Crocheters

Tired of misplaced scissors? The Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant is your portable solution! This handly tool features a sharp, circular blade integrated into a stylish pendant, allowing you to easily and safely cut yarn or thread using any of the grooves. Buy it on Amazon and/or WeCrochet.

Rainbow Counter Ring

Practical Gifts for Crocheters - Rainbow Counter Ring

If you're looking for some beautiful jewelry for your crochet-loving friend, check out these row counter rings from Knitter's Pride! Not only are they gorgeous, but they're also practical for the crochet lover in your life! Buy it on Amazon.

Light-Up Interchangeable Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

Light-Up Interchangeable Crochet Hooks

While we're on the topic of interchangeable hook sets, check out these crochet hooks and light up! These light-up crochet hooks are particularly practical when crocheting with dark yarn and it's hard to see the stitches. Buy it on Amazon.

Fyber Yarn Ring

Yarn Fyber Ring to prevent yarn burn!

I came across these FyberRings on social media and it immediately caught my attention. If you hold yarn like I do while crocheting, you might sometimes experience yarn burn on your index finger!

These rings help regulate tension and reduce irritation on your finger from yarn. These FyberRings come in many different colors and cute designs. This taco FyberRing you see in the photo above is one of my favorites! Buy it from Marjielous Creations.

Leather Ruler Bracelet

Leather Ruler Bracelet to measure your gauge

I remember seeing these leather measuring tape bracelets many years ago when I first started crocheting and I thought they were a fantastic idea! I particularly like these ruler bracelets because they have markings for both inches and centimeters.

These are crafted from genuine leather, which makes them a very stylish and functional accessory for crocheters. These sit fashionably on your wrist, so you'll never have to go searching for your measuring tape again. Buy it on Etsy.

Bent Tip Needle and Holder

Bent Tip Needle - Crochet Tools

I never believed this before, but you'd be surprised by why a bent tip needle would be useful for the amigurumi crafters in your life. The bend allows for easier weaving under tight stitches. It prevents yarn from splitting or damages to your project. The bent tip is great for helping you attach small parts like amigurumi limbs. This cute set also comes with a holder! Buy it from WeCrochet.

Yarn Winder and Swift

Yarn Winder and Swift

For the crochet enthusiast in your life, a yarn swift and winder is. the ultimate gift that combines practicality and crafting joy. Turning your hanks of hand-dyed yarn into yarn cakes and watching your swift spin can be so relaxing. Buy it on Amazon and/or WeCrochet.

Pom Pom Maker

Clover Pom-pom Maker Set  Clover Pom-pom Maker Set

Making pompoms is a fun and enjoyable process, even for kids! Clover's pom pom makers make a great gift for crocheters and knitters. These pom pom makers are the easiest to use. It saves time and frustration and the pompoms come out nice, fluffy, and consistent in size each time! Buy it on Amazon and/or WeCrochet

In case you're interested, I also have a fun tutorial on how to make pom poms using a business card!

Canvas Shoulder Bag for Yarn

Canvas Shoulder Yarn Bag for Crochet Lovers

When it comes to yarn project bags, I feel this Hobbii's Canvas Shoulder Bag for Yarn is one of the more stylish designs out there. I love the minimalistic design!

This project bag is large enough to hold a large sweater project, several small projects, and everything else you need! The bag is made of canvas and has both a long and a short strap for easy over-the-shoulder carrying. It's easily closed with a drawstring and there are several compartments on the inside to help you organize your skeins, hooks, needles, and patterns! Buy it on Hobbii

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