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The Barbie movie that came out this year starring Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling is the movie of the summer. With a remarkable four-week run as the No. 1 movie and an unprecedented gross exceeding $1.36 billion, it claimed the title of 2023's highest-grossing film.

For someone like me, who typically opts for the coziness of home movies vs. the bustling movie theatres, the Barbie Movie was a rare exception. I was so excited to see this movie since I caught sneak peek photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in their Barbie Movie attire last year.

Margot Robbie winking as Barbie
Christmas is my absolute favorite season of the year! For me, it isn't just about presents or the decorations, it's about the traditions that bring us closer together as a family.

I wanted to start establishing Christmas traditions a few years ago when we were living in a small Vancouver apartment as a family of 4. The only problem was that our apartment was so tiny, that I didn't really have space for a traditional Christmas tree.

But being the crafty person that I am, I came up with a creative solution -- a crocheted flat Christmas tree that hung behind our front door.

As the leaves begin to turn and the crisp breeze fills the air, the enchanting season of autumn takes center stage. What better way to embrace its cozy charm than by decorating our spaces with charming crochet pumpkins?

These delightful crochet pumpkins are not your typical crochet pumpkins. I've purposely handpicked the most unique and FREE crochet pumpkin patterns from the Internet for you to enjoy. 

They not only add a touch of handmade warmth to your home but they also offer a canvas for artistic expression.

"But someone who crochets for a hobby isn't a worthy adversary"
-- Wednesday Addams
That's what she thinks when the truth is that more than half of us are actually crocheting to keep ourselves from choking people.

To be honest though, as someone whose main hobby is crocheting, I am unquestionably not worthy of being an adversary to Wednesday Addams. She'd kick my butt in 2 seconds -- I wouldn't even need piranhas!

Wednesday Addams Crochet Patterns
As we approach the end of the school year, it's time to start thinking about teacher appreciation gifts! I'm not a former teacher or anything, but I see the amount of effort and work teachers put in during the school year.

While there are many gift options to choose from, there's something special about handmade gifts that can truly express your gratitude. After all, they're educating the next generation to become valuable members of society.

As a crafter and crochet enthusiast, I've put together a round-up of some of my favorite crochet projects that would make perfect gifts for teachers. So grab some yarn and a crochet hook and get started on making something special for your favorite teacher!

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Crochet Teacher Gift Ideas - FREE Crochet Patterns
Have you ever heard of Disneybounding? Disneybounding is a growing trend among Disney fans that involves dressing up in outfits inspired by their favorite Disney characters, without wearing actual costumes.

Why do people Disneybound?

This trend is particularly popular among Disney adult fans in Disney Parks because the park has a dress code that states that guests ages 14 and up are not allowed to wear costumes in the park. Disneybounding was a way for Disney adult fans to express their creativity while still adhering to the theme park's dress code.

And when you want to bring up the creativity notch one more level, let's try making our own Disneybounding pieces by crocheting them! I've been taking subtle elements of my favorite Disney characters and turning them into what I imagined would be if they were living in the real world now.

Disneybound Crochet Free Patterns
10 Free Crochet Sun Hat Patterns to Make This Summer
So I recently came across this crochet sweater with just sleeves. Yes, you read that right - it's a bodiless sweater. Some call them arm warmers or even arm warmer sweaters (if you can consider them sweaters).

It's a trendy fashion thing that kind of started last year. It might not be for everyone (at first), but I think it's one of those things that the more you see them, the more they grow on you.

I started searching the internet for arm warmer crochet patterns for how to make these arm warmer sweaters. There were a few crochet patterns available at the time of writing this article, but not many. On the other hand, I found a number of YouTube tutorials.

What is an Arm Warmer Sweater?

It's essentially a super-cropped top that includes a neck/collar and long-sleeve arms. Like leg warmers, these were initially used by athletes such as dancers/gymnasts for workouts and warm-ups to help prevent cramping, but have since become a trend.

These bodiless sweaters are just a collar and sleeves. There is normally no torso to this kind of sweater. The collar may vary (i.e. turtlenecks, hoods, etc.). However, the length of these "sleeves-only" sweaters typically stops above the breasts.

How do you wear Super Cropped Tops?

Super-cropped tops are not meant to be worn on their own. Because of the length of these bodiless sweaters, if you wore them alone, you'd be flashing everyone.

They are normally meant to be worn on top of something like a tank top, sports bra, bodysuit, or leotards (if you're a dancer/gymnast). But with that said, you can typically swear them over any sleeveless top/dress.

If you're looking for crochet patterns and tutorials for making your own arm warmer sweater, look no further and below!

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Chenda's Crochet Arm Warmers Sweater Tutorial

Chenda's Crochet Arm Warmers YouTube Tutorial
Do you love yarn so much that you need a way to express it? For many of us yarn enthusiasts, yarn has become a staple in our lives that we can't live without.

Yarn is a way of life.

With that said, have you ever thought about getting a yarn tattoo to show your love for yarn? 

Tattoos are supposed to be a meaningful personal expression. I got my very first tattoo about 5 years ago.  I hit rock bottom and was grieving about losing my mom.

I was lucky to have certain individuals in my life that supported me through the process because I couldn't have done it without them. One of them was my cousin, who was there to hold my hand as I was getting my first tattoo.

I don't have an addiction to tattoos, but yarn has become such a huge part of my life that makes me happy. So... why not get a yarn tattoo? I am so inspired by all these beautiful yarn tattoos!

If you're looking for some yarn tattoo inspiration, you're in the right place! Here's a round-up of some yarn tattoos for all you knitters and crocheters out there!

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Delicate Florals and Knitting

Even though I don't knit, I think that this tattoo is so delicate and absolutely beautiful! Surrounded by gorgeous florals, this knitter is in her own little world living the best life ever.

When the Yarn is Out of this World

This tattoo is so cute! It's both abstract and simple enough that you can tell what it is even with the uncomplicated line drawing. The clean lines are to perfection.

BB went to summer school this year and did a STEAM class on Space. We've both established that Saturn was our favorite planet because of its beautiful rings!

Rainbow Granny Square Tattoo

I'm embarrassed to say this, but to this day, I have not crocheted a granny square. Granny squares are one of the very first things that people start off when learning how to crochet and continue to make when they've mastered the craft.

I've seen many beautiful granny square blankets, and this tattoo owner of course had to pay tribute to their art with a beautiful rainbow granny square tattoo.

Crochet Magic Wand / Hook Tattoo

If I ever get a crochet tattoo, I think I would want one like this one. If you think about it, yarn crafts are really some kind of witchcraft. You take a piece of string, make a bunch of organized tangles, and voila! Magic!

Forget about Harry Potter, that's fiction. Crochet - now that's real and you can make magical things. What better way to express that than a crochet hook magic wand?

Small Ball of Yarn Tattoo

I also really like this tattoo and I think I would consider getting something similar to this one as well if I didn't go for the magic wand crochet above.

It's small and simple. The tattoo owner lives in Ireland and works in a school as an art teacher where she needs to keep tattoos hidden if possible. So she designed this tattoo to fit under her watch! How clever and subtle! 

Soot Sprite and Yarn Tattoo

This one is so cute! If you're a fiber artist and a Ghibli Studio fan, you are going to love this one! Also, did you notice that these soot sprites are juggling a hank, a cake, and a skein of yarn? Do you know what the difference is?

If you think these soot sprites (aka. susuwatari) are cute, I have a crochet pattern for them!

Knitted Wedding Band Tattoo

This knitted ring tattoo has such a cute story behind it. For their wedding anniversary, she tried to convince her husband to get tattooed wedding bands. Unfortunately, her husband wasn't really into tattoos. However, he gave her the brilliant idea to tattoo a knitted ring on her finger.

It turned out so cute! While I'm not sure if I can withstand the pain of a finger tattoo, I'm sure the pain was all worth it to her.

Abstract Ball of Yarn Tattoo

I didn't really learn to appreciate abstract art until I started understanding abstract art. Once I understood it, it's almost like a secret language and now you're in a club.

Someone who isn't a fiber artist might not know or understand what this is a tattoo of. But when you know... you know. And now you're in the club!

Kawaii Yarn and Crochet Hook Tattoo

This cute little ball of yarn with a crochet hook is perfect for crochet artists! This tattoo owner showed her love and dedication to her craft with this yarn buddy. Now she'll never be alone when she's crocheting!

Decorated Lace Ruler Tattoo

I would personally love a tattoo that's both beautiful and functional. I came across this tatted lace ruler tattoo on Instagram and I thought to myself: how practical! The distance between each dot is one inch. I would never have to go search for my measuring tape again! 

Are you thinking about getting a yarn tattoo? Or do you already have one? I hope this post sparked some inspiration! 

If you come across any amazing yarn tattoos that I should see, make sure you let me know or leave me a comment down below!
Halloween Crochet Patterns Free
Getting married is a huge commitment, and so is the endeavor to crochet your own wedding dress. While crocheting your wedding dress sounds practically impossible, there have been more than a few brides who have managed to take on that challenge and accomplish that.

Now that the warmer weather is among us in Vancouver, BC, so is the wedding season. Choosing a wedding dress has become part of the wedding experience worth documenting. Just look at the popular reality TV show, "Say Yes to the Dress".

A few years ago, I made an infinity wrap/shawl for my friend who got married. But just imagine how special it would be to make your own wedding dress or when your daughter/granddaughter asks you to make their wedding dress for their big day. That wedding dress would be treasured forever.

Namaste Crochet's Edith Dress (crochet pattern) - Crochet Wedding Dress
I returned home from Disneyland about a month ago, and I have been going through a Disney withdrawal since. I've been watching walkthroughs of the park and listening to music that they normally play on Main Street, USA.

It's incredible what kind of effect Disney Parks have on me.

Disney people are my kind of people. There's something about that place where once you walk through the gates, it's suddenly OK to let your inner child free. In other words, I'm not ashamed to be a Disney adult.

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Once you step into the park, it's not silly anymore to wear mouse ears, sit in a pirate ship and fly above London with Peter Pan, or get excited to meet Mickey Mouse even though you know it's an actual person inside that costume. It even felt natural to wear a Minnie Mouse polka-dot dress out in public!

Disneyland Castle Family Photo
Many things have happened in the last year for our family. BB has lost 2 teeth, I started a new job, and our family moved into a new home!

As the year comes to an end, we start looking forward to the new year with new beginnings. At the start of the new year, crocheters often start looking at temperature yarn projects. Google searches often come back with "temperature blankets".

Sometimes, crocheting blankets can be such a daunting project. What if you lose interest and don't end up finishing it?

Unless you're working off temperatures from years in the past, you're not going to have all your temperature data all at once. So in those cases, you might only be able to work on it one row or one piece a day.

So aside from some beautiful temperature blankets, here are also some other very creative temperature projects (that are NOT blankets)!

Moss Stitch Crochet Temperature Blanket

Striped Temperature Crochet Blanket
Cosplay is not restricted to just Halloween. You'll normally see cosplayers fully dressed as their favorite characters at special conventions and festivals.

Cosplay costumes are not just any off-the-rack costumes that you would normally find in a store. Many dedicated cosplayers set out to create their own costumes because they want more detail in them.

Cosplay has really exploded since the 1990s. I've seen many amazing cosplay costumes, but here's something different. They're not just crochet costumes. They're crocheted cosplay costumes!

Let's check them out:

Princess Anna's Coronation Dress

Crochet Cosplay: Princess Anna Coronation Dress
Did you know that May 4th is Star Wars Day? (May the 4th ("force") be with you!)

If you're a Star Wars fan and enjoy crocheting, you're in luck! There are plenty of Star Wars crochet patterns available online that you can use to create your very own Star Wars-inspired items.

A couple years ago baby Yoda (AKA. the child, Grogu) from The Mandalorian was all the rage. Baby Yoda's crochet patterns started popping up everywhere!

But before Baby Yoda came along and blew up the Internet, makers were already creating crochet patterns inspired by this extremely popular franchise for years. From Yoda and Chewbacca to BB-8 and R2-D2, there are plenty of characters to choose from.

So I thought to tie this very much celebrated day with my hobby. In this post, we'll explore some of the best Star Wars crochet patterns and how you can use them to create unique and fun items.

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Crochet Star Wars Patterns Free

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