Things I Made for My Disneyland Trip!

| Original: July 11, 2022

I returned home from Disneyland about a month ago, and I have been going through a Disney withdrawal since. I've been watching walkthroughs of the park and listening to music that they normally play on Main Street, USA.

It's incredible what kind of effect Disney Parks have on me.

Disney people are my kind of people. There's something about that place where once you walk through the gates, it's suddenly OK to let your inner child free. In other words, I'm not ashamed to be a Disney adult.

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Once you step into the park, it's not silly anymore to wear mouse ears, sit in a pirate ship and fly above London with Peter Pan, or get excited to meet Mickey Mouse even though you know it's an actual person inside that costume. It even felt natural to wear a Minnie Mouse polka-dot dress out in public!

Disneyland Castle Family Photo

This is our first time traveling since the start of the pandemic. The planning part was stressful just because it was hard to keep up with the forever-changing rules about COVID and testing.

Then there were issues with retrieving a passport even though we submitted all our documents on time. And then a notification of potential exposure from the daycare the day before we were just about to leave.

Luckily, the trip itself went very smoothly and we had the most amazing time!

We got to ride on the Carousel with Mary Poppins.

Disneyland Mary Poppins on Carousel

Mui Mui got to show off the crochet Jiji that I made for her to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and he almost asked me to make one for him to gift to Belle! It's still one of her favorite toys 🥰. Watch their interaction here on Instagram.

And of course, we had to meet Mirabel from Encanto! But the girls were more interested in knowing where Isabela is as you can tell by their outfits.

Disneyland Mirabel Meet and Greet with Isabela

We booked the trip only 2 months before we were going to travel, so there wasn't a whole lot of time to plan. There was so much I wanted to make for the trip, but again, no time!

But I can't wait to show you the stuff I did end up making for our trip!

I'll have more tutorials coming up over the summer with patterns and instructions on how to make all of the following!

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Light-Up Floral Mouse Ears

DIY Floral Wire Minnie Mouse Ears

A few years ago, floral wire mouse ears were a huge obsession of mine on Instagram. I really wanted a pair. But I'm also the "monkey-see-monkey-do" type of girl.

I thought to myself, I can make those.

Disneyland Floral Crown Mouse Ears on Mad Tea Cup

I bought some fake floral stems a couple years ago thinking that I would spend some time making some floral crown mouse ears. But the kids got to them before I did. The flowers ended up being fidget toys for the kids (i.e. they picked them all off).

This time around, I was determined to make floral mouse ears. In fact, I took an extra step and decided to add lights to the mouse ears!

Disneyland Cars Land Night Time with Light up Mouse Ears

The kids were thrilled to wear them because they went very well with their Encanto Isabela dress. The lights were a bonus because they worked well for nighttime. They made it easier to spot in case we accidentally lost each other.

Here's just another cute photo of all of us with Minnie Mouse on our first day there:

Disneyland Minnie Mouse Meet and Greet with DIY Flower Mouse Ears

Mouse Ears Holder Bag Strap Lanyard

I needed to figure out a way to transport the floral mouse ears I made to Disneyland. They were so delicate that I was afraid of what might happen to them if I packed them in my suitcase as I did not intend to bring my glue gun with me.

When doing my typical Google search, I found these things called Mouse Ears Lanyard. And again, I thought "Hey, I can make something like that". So I proceeded to do so.

DIY Crochet Mouse Ears Lanyard Backpack Strap Holder

They came out really cute, but unfortunately, I never ended up using them for my floral wire mouse ears because I just didn't trust that flowers would stay on from all the movements.

However, they do make amazing mouse ear holders for the store-bought mouse ears from the park!

Disneybounding Oh-Snap Bucket Hats

One of my more popular crochet patterns is the Oh Snap! Bucket Hat! I made the very first crochet checkered bucket hat for my friend. But because it turned out so cute, I have been hankering to make one for myself!

The kids also admired the checkered bucket hat and have also been asking for one for them. However, my craft store doesn't have a great selection of cotton yarn, so I was never able to find the right colors they wanted.

Disneybound Oh Snap! Checkered Bucket Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Fortunately, an opportunity came up and I ended up ordering Rainbow cotton yarn from Hobbii Yarn to make these bucket hats just in time for the trip! And coincidentally their crochet bucket hat colors ended up matching their backpacks!

Mui Mui picked blue and purple (randomly?). Not sure what made her choose these colors, but as I was making the bucket hat, I was getting all the Monsters Inc. vibes.

Disneybound Oh Snap! Checkered Bucket Hat at Disneyland

The bucket hats turned out so cute! We were all wearing them when the sun was beating down on us in the afternoon. We got so many compliments from visitors and Cast Members around Disneyland and California Adventure! More so than my mouse ears, surprisingly!

Disneybound Oh Snap! Checkered Bucket Hat at Disneyland

However, next time I make these bucket hats for Disneyland, I might end up making a hole on each side above the ears just so I can fit my Mouse Ear headbands through. That way, I can wear both at the same time!

Fluffy Red Panda Ears

Have you seen Pixar's Turning Red yet? My family and I all loved the movie so much. It's so cute and the movie speaks to me and my upbringing so much.

Fluffy Turning Red Panda Ears Crochet Pattern for Disneyland

I made these crochet fluffy red panda ears shortly after watching the movie. Don't judge me, but I wear it around the house every now and then when I feel like it. I feel like I still need to make a fluffy tail to go with it though. That would bring it all together.

I didn't end up bringing these ears to Disney since I have my floral crowns, but it's a DIY idea for your next Disneyland trip if you loved Turning Red as much as I did!

Other Disney Vacation Creations

We've been to Disney a few times as a family and I've always tried to create something fun! Check out some of my previous Disney vacation creations:

  • DIY Wilderness Explorer Costume: I made this for our first Disney trip when BB was only 6 months old. While she had no idea what was going on, everyone at the park loved the costume!

I am a proud Disney adult. As of now, I have no desire to travel anywhere else in the world as long as the vacation destination is Disney. I can't wait to go back!

Do you have anything that you plan to make for your next travel adventure? Don't forget to share them with me!

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