10 Crochet Wedding Dresses and Patterns for the Handmade Bride

| Original: July 25, 2022

Getting married is a huge commitment, and so is the endeavor to crochet your own wedding dress. While crocheting your wedding dress sounds practically impossible, there have been more than a few brides who have managed to take on that challenge and accomplish that.

Now that the warmer weather is among us in Vancouver, BC, so is the wedding season. Choosing a wedding dress has become part of the wedding experience worth documenting. Just look at the popular reality TV show, "Say Yes to the Dress".

A few years ago, I made an infinity wrap/shawl for my friend who got married. But just imagine how special it would be to make your own wedding dress or when your daughter/granddaughter asks you to make their wedding dress for their big day. That wedding dress would be treasured forever.

Namaste Crochet's Edith Dress (crochet pattern) - Crochet Wedding Dress

Lacey crochet wedding dresses are amazing because they hug all your curves. Just keep in mind that crochet lace is definitely very see-through, so it would be most wise to wear a slip under the lacey crochet dress.

Here is a shortlisted collection of beautiful handmade crochet beautiful wedding dresses made by the brides themselves. Not all of these inspirational and amazing dresses have patterns made available, but I will link to those that do so you can try your hand at making your own wedding dress.

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The Edith Dress by Namaste & Crochet

Edith Crochet Wedding Dress (with crochet pattern)

The Edith Dress is another beautiful dress designed by Namaste & Crochet. This beautiful and graceful dress incorporates lacy granny squares to create a mermaid-style silhouette that helps accentuate the curves.

This dress is so flattering on all different body types and sizes. The body contouring dress has two different sleeve options. Since its release, The Edith has been her most popular wedding dress design.

Luna Two Piece Dress by Namaste & Crochet

Luna Crochet Wedding Dress (with crochet pattern)

Soak up the sun with this beautiful Luna Two-Piece Dress by Namaste & Crochet. It's absolutely beautiful, elegant, and sexy. This dress features dramatic lace motifs that were inspired by Italian lace patterns.

The long slit to the skirt rests at the thigh to show just the right amount of leg to be sexy yet classy. This beautiful dress design also once walked down the runway of New York Fashion Week.

Chrysanthemum Gown by Chi Krneta

Chrysanthemum Crochet Wedding Dress (with free crochet pattern)

Chi's Chrysanthemum Gown is by far one of the most popular wedding dress crochet patterns on Ravelry. This classic pineapple lace dress can be made to whatever length you like.

There are so many options for this pattern: a long dress, a tunic, a shrug/bolero, a short dress with or without a belt, or even a halter top dress! See more photos of Chi in her wedding dress on her big day.

Angel Skirt and Lotus Top by Namaste & Crochet

Angel Skirt and Lotus Top Crochet Wedding Dress (with crochet pattern)

I fell in love with this boho crochet wedding dress when I first started my search for crochet wedding dresses. I searched madly for this dress because it showed up everywhere.

However, I couldn't find the pattern for it until I finally landed on Namaste & Crochet's blog post that this dress was actually two different pieces put together: the Lotus Top paired with Angel Skirt just screams beach vibe wedding!

Maxi Boho Wedding Dress by Yogaibiza (Etsy Listing)

Maxi Boho Crochet Wedding Dress

There's no pattern for this dress, but this sexy deep open-back dress made in Ibiza, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, is so eye-catching. Unfortunately, it only comes in one size.

The dress is quite see-through, so it would be best to wear it with a slip underneath. This dress is available and ready for you to purchase on Etsy.

Wedding Dress by Tracey Ann Shears

Crochet Wedding Dress (with crochet pattern)

This wedding dress is a retro classic but at the same time modern. It would be perfect for a relaxed countryside garden wedding. The elegant dress was featured in the issue of Inside Crochet back in 2013.

Twisted Toilet Paper Crochet Dress by Mimoza Haska (No Pattern)

Twisted Toilet Paper Crochet Wedding Dress

There's no pattern for this dress, but it's beautiful, and you won't believe that this wedding dress is made using twisted toilet paper. This wedding dress was entered into an annual toilet paper wedding dress competition back in 2019 and won first place! This beautiful dress deserves an honorary mention even though there's no crochet pattern.

White Flowers Dress by Olga Zakharchenko (Free Pattern)

White Flowers Crochet Wedding Dress (with crochet pattern)

If you're having a simple wedding or long wedding gowns just aren't your thing, this delicate white flower wedding dress might be exactly what you're looking for.

This airy and light dress was pieced together using many small crochet flowers, just like what the woodland fairies would make for you if you lived in a fairytale. And the best part, it's a free crochet pattern available on Ravelry!

The Fleur Dress by Samantha Casale (Free Pattern)

The Fleur Crochet Wedding Dress (with free crochet pattern)

The Fleur Dress is designed by my beautiful friend, Samantha Casale. This stunning dress is made by joining granny squares together and I remember how much I loved it when she first showed it to us.

She's written up this pattern and even included step-by-step photos on her blog showing you how to put it together! This dress is suitable for weddings and date nights!

White Lotus Dress by Olga Zakharchenko

White Lotus Crochet Wedding Dress (with crochet pattern)

The White Lotus dress is a fabulous crochet dress crocheted using techniques of Irish and Romanian laces. Lace has always been a bright accent, an embodiment of feminity, delicacy, and elegance.

This dress is assembled with flower elements, leaves, and cord motifs, which you will learn in the step-by-step instructions. You are sure you be admired and become the sole center of attention when wearing this dress, as you should when you are the bride!

Did you make your own crochet wedding dress? Or do you plan to? Clearly, it's doable!

If you have made your own wedding dress, I'd love to see it! Make sure you share it with me on Instagram and/or use the #onceuponacheerio hashtag.

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