Crochet Gift Ideas for Teachers in 2024

| Original: June 01, 2023

As we approach the end of the school year, it's time to start thinking about teacher appreciation gifts! I'm not a former teacher or anything, but I see the amount of effort and work teachers put in during the school year.

While there are many gift options to choose from, there's something special about handmade gifts that can truly express your gratitude. After all, they're educating the next generation to become valuable members of society.

As a crafter and crochet enthusiast, I've put together a round-up of some of my favorite crochet projects that would make perfect gifts for teachers. So grab some yarn and a crochet hook and get started on making something special for your favorite teacher!

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Crochet Teacher Gift Ideas - FREE Crochet Patterns

Crochet Cup Cozies to Make for Teachers

Every experienced teacher has probably received their fair share of "best teacher" mugs to last them a lifetime. However, crochet cup cozies may be the thoughtful and practical gift idea you've been looking for.

Crochet coffee cozies give teachers a new way to enjoy their hot coffee or tea during the day. It can keep their drinks warm, and prevent their hands from burning. Customize it with their favorite color, character, patterns, etc.

Crochet Gifts for Teacher - Crochet Coffee Cozies

School-themed coffee cozies: These coffee cozies are so adorable and make the perfect gift for a teacher who loves handmade gifts.

Crochet Heart Cozy: I love these heart coffee cozies because I've actually crocheted these as teacher gifts back when my kids were in preschool!

Spades and Bows Coffee Cozy: This is an original design by yours truly! This stylish coffee cozy makes a great gift for any stylish teacher that is always dressed for the job and picture-perfect every day.

Owl Coffee Mug Cozy: Gift this to your wise teacher that has taught you everything you needed to know for the year! The intricate details of this mug cozy and the effort you put in to make it for them really the recipient them how much you appreciate them!

Crochet Amigurumi to Make for Teachers

Amigurumis are really fun to make and gift! Amigurumis make for a unique teacher gift to show your appreciation for a teacher's hard work and dedication.

Amigurumis can be customized to match a teacher's personality or interest. And depending on the size of your amigurumi, they make a cute desk mate or a fabulous reading corner decor.

Crochet Gifts for Teacher - Amigurumis for Teachers

Crochet Plush Pencil: I love this crochet plush pencil so much! I've made using Bernat Blanket yarn. It comes out so big, so soft and so cute! I actually crocheted this plush pencil a few years ago and instead of using regular stuffing, I put a cut-up pool noodle in it so it keeps its shape!

Amigurumi School Bus: Any teacher will appreciate the effort put into your handmade gift. Turn it into a keychain so that it's functional and your teacher will want to carry it around everywhere!

Tiny Crochet Apples: Did you know that back in the olden days, teachers were paid in the form of apples? Interesting right? Thank goodness our teachers don't have to live off apples anymore, but I'm sure they still appreciate cute tiny amigurumi apples as gifts!

Graduation Owl Amigurumi: Show your teacher how much you appreciate them sharing their knowledge with this amigurumi graduation owl! This owl would make a great gift for a teacher and for a graduating student.

Amigurumi Crayons: These are just as cute as gigantic amigurumi pencils! These amigurumi crayons would make a wonderful desk mate to any teacher who works with young children.

Beginner Friendly No Sew Amigurumi Pencil

Penny Doodles the Amigurumi Pencil: This sweet little no-sew crochet pattern is for a cute little amigurumi pencil not only makes for a cute gift for a teacher, it would also make a cute buddy for those who are new to a school environment!

Crochet Tote Bags to Make for Teachers

Crochet tote bags make great gifts for teachers! Teachers often need to carry around a lot of supplies, books, and papers, so a handmade tote bag can be a very thoughtful and personal gift that shows your appreciation.

Crochet tote bags can come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can also personalize the tote bag with fun colors and appliques. A sturdy and stylish crochet tote bag can be a very useful and practical gift when made using yarn that is durable and washable.

Crochet Gift Ideas for Teacher - Crochet Tote Bags for Teachers

C2C Apple Tote Bag: Versatile design and a good size to help teachers carry all their books, notebooks, and stationery!

Owl Purse: Perfect gift for a wise teacher who loves a whimsical purse!

Easy Market Tote: Market bags can be used beyond grocery shopping! This easy market bag is stylish and works quickly. Its spacious design makes this a practical gift and multipurpose accessory.

Crochet Bookmarks to Make for Teachers

I assume that teachers love to read because, well... they're teachers! Handmade bookmarks are a thoughtful and practical gift. Crochet bookmarks in particular are often smaller-sized projects that are quick to make but show how much thought and care you put into your gift.

Crochet Teacher Gift Ideas - Crochet Bookmarks for Teachers

Crochet Bookmark: This crochet bookmark is a beautiful and delicate-looking handmade bookmark that any teacher with an eye for handmade will appreciate!

Crochet Tea Bag Bookmark: This little crochet teabag bookmark is perfect for any tea-loving teacher.

Crochet Gift Ideas for Teacher - Crochet Bookmarks for Teachers

Crochet Apple Paperclip Bookmark: This crochet bookmark idea will work for any small crochet applique. All you need to do is hot glue or sew it to a paper clip and you'll have your very own handmade bookmark!

Leaf Sprout Bookmark: The crochet leaf sprout is multifunctional! can work as both a bookmark as well as a cable tie organizer. Pair this up with a "Thank you for helping me grow" card!

Crochet Pencil Cases and Pouches to Make for Teachers

Teachers have to carry a lot of school supplies with them all the time including pencils, pens, and erasers. Crochet pencil cases are a practical gift to help them stay organized and keep their supplies all in one place. The best part about handmade is that you can customize it!

Here are a few crochet pencil cases to make as teacher gifts!

Crochet Teacher Gifts - Crochet Pencil Cases for Teachers

Crochet Pencil Pouch: The best combination between creativity and functionality!

Herringbone Zipper Pouch: The herringbone zipper pouch sets itself apart with its unique and eye-catching stitch pattern. The slanted stitch in opposite directions gives it a simple yet elegant chevron look.

Star Stitch Pouch: The intricate star stitch on this star stitch pouch really sets itself apart. The beautiful stitch pattern on this star stitch pouch adds depth and dimension to the pouch.

More Crochet Gift Ideas for Teachers

Depending on how much you love your teacher or how fast you can crochet, some of these larger crochet projects might be right up your alley!

Crochet Teacher Gifts - Crochet Pencil Crafts for Teachers

Crochet Gift Ideas for Teachers - Crochet Paper Crafts for Teachers

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