12 Weeks of Crochet Christmas Ornaments

| Original: September 25, 2023

Christmas is my absolute favorite season of the year! For me, it isn't just about presents or the decorations, it's about the traditions that bring us closer together as a family.

I wanted to start establishing Christmas traditions a few years ago when we were living in a small Vancouver apartment as a family of 4. The only problem was that our apartment was so tiny, that I didn't really have space for a traditional Christmas tree.

Crochet Christmas Ornaments FREE Pattern

But being the crafty person that I am, I came up with a creative solution -- a crocheted flat Christmas tree that hung behind our front door.

This crochet Christmas tree has become the heart of our holiday celebrations. Every year, on the first day of December, we would carefully unfold and hang our flat tree behind the front door of the apartment.

If you're looking to establish a crochet Christmas tradition of your own, try your hand at crocheting one of these Christmas ornaments each week until Christmas. You'll have 12 beautiful crochet ornaments by Christmas Day.

Here are some more 12 weeks of Christmas Crochet Projects.

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Flatland Christmas Baubles by Once Upon a Cheerio

Hang it on your tree, adorn your garlands, or use it to embellish your holiday gifts. These crocheted Christmas tree decorations are the perfect addition to your festive decorations.

They're small and quick to make. The crochet pattern is easy and perfect for beginners. They're a joy to make and ideal for busting and using up those leftover yarn scraps from your previous projects.

Suggested Yarn: Brava Worsted

Ragdoll Snowman Ornament by Loops and Love Crochet

This crochet ragdoll snowman ornament is a delightful holiday project that promises to bring charm and whimsy to your Christmas tree. These crochet ornaments are crafted in two flat pieces and then crocheted together with a small amount of stuffing.

Customize these crochet snowmen with vibrant-colored scarves and ear muffs. Hang them on your tree, decorate your mantel, or use them as adorable gift toppers. The possibilities are endless.

Suggested Yarn: Dishie Cotton

Crochet Snow Globe Ornament by Repeat Crafter Me

Crafted with care and creativity, these crocheted snow globe ornaments capture the enchanting spirit of the season. Make each one different with the addition of adorable Christmas-themed buttons that feature elves, reindeer, and snowmen.

These crochet snow globe ornaments are a heartwarming reminder of the joy and wonder that surrounds us during this special time of the year. Create your own winter wonderland and let these crochet snow globes be a part of your holiday traditions.

Suggested Yarn: Bernat Super Value

Teddy Bear Crochet Ornaments by All About Ami

Winter Teddy Crochet Christmas Ornament FREE Pattern
(Credit: All About Ami)

These teddy bear ornaments add a whimsical twist to the classic Christmas decoration. These adorable ornaments are designed as round, cuddly teddy bear faces adorned with cute little ears and miniature scarves.

Each one captures the spirit of the season with its warm colors and cozy scarves, making them perfect for spreading joy and holiday cheer. These heartwarming teddy bear bauble ornaments are heartwarming reminders of the magic of Christmas and the joy of handmade decorations.

Suggested Yarn: Patons Grace Yarn

Fair Isle Snowflake Christmas Ornament by One Dog Woof

Fair Isle Snowflake Crochet Christmas Ornament FREE Pattern
(Credit: One Dog Woof)

This fair isle snowflake Christmas ornament is a true masterpiece that combines traditional crochet craftsmanship with the timeless beauty of the winter season. The designer had to make sure that the snowflake design fit around the curve of the round ornament and that each stitch of the design aligned.

Luckily, all those details have already been worked out for you in her detailed crochet pattern. These crochet Christmas tree decorations would go beautifully on your tree, draped along your mantel, or used to adorn your holiday gifts.

Christmas Mouse Ornament by Sweet Softies

Crochet Christmas Mouse Ornament wearing a Santa Hat
(Credit: Sweet Softies)

This tiny crochet Christmas mouse makes an adorable addition to your holiday decor that is sure to capture hearts. This little amigurumi mouse is dressed for the season, wearing a charming Santa hat and a cozy red scarf with a dainty white pompom at the end.

This amigurumi mouse makes a perfect Christmas tree decoration or a charming amigurumi companion that can sit anywhere you desire. Its festive attire and endearing expression will spread joy throughout your home.

Suggested Yarn: Bernat Pipsqueak

Crochet Lollipop Ornament by Stitch by Fay

Lollipop Crochet Christmas Ornament FREE Pattern
(Credit: Stitch by Fay)

The crochet pattern for these lollipop ornaments is easy that's beginner-friendly and a sweet treat for the eyes! This charming confectionary creation is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, like my daughter.

Its colorful swirl design and stick handle make this small crochet craft a playful addition to your handmade collection of Christmas ornaments. It can also be used as doll-sized play food.

Crochet Furry Owl Ornament by The Loopy Lamb

Furry Owl Crochet Christmas Ornament FREE Pattern
(Credit: The Loopy Lamb)

This adorable furry owl ornament is crafted with luxurious faux fur yarn. This adorable owl ornament captures the essence of a baby owl, almost lifelike in its charming appeal and an awesome opportunity to experiment with faux fur yarn.

Don't be afraid to work with faux fur yarn. As difficult as it is to see the stitches, and knowing where you insert your hook, it is also a very forgiving yarn to work with because you cannot see your mistakes! See my tips on crocheting with faux fur yarn.

Suggested Yarn: Fable Fur Yarn

Crochet Mitten Ornament by Spin a Yarn Crochet

These small mitten ornaments will warm your heart with their handmade charm. These delightful miniature mittens are perfect for adorning your tree, garlands, wreath, or even as gift embellishments. You can even use these crochet mitten ornaments as gift card holders!

Despite their small size, these ornaments feature remarkable details, like their tiny ribbed cuffs. Whether they remind you of snowy childhood memories or simply add a handmade touch to your decor, these tiny mittens are a delightful expression of the spirit of the season.

Suggested Yarn: Bernat Super Value

Christmas Gnome Ornament by The Friendly Red Fox

These crochet mini gnome ornaments are the perfect crafting project for beginners looking for an easy holiday decoration. These pint-sized gnomes are designed with simplicity in mind, making them a beginner-friendly crochet pattern.

These mini gnomes feature adorable wooden bead noses, so you don't even have to make them separately. This ensures that even those with limited crochet experience can create these delightful ornaments with ease.

Suggested Yarn: Brava Worsted

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament by Raffamusa Designs

For the longest time, I didn't understand why ugly Christmas sweaters were even a thing. Turns out that this trend can be traced back to the 1980s. These fun crocheted ugly Christmas sweater ornaments are so cute and capture the holiday spirit and humor perfectly.

The mini ugly sweaters are crocheted using V-stitches to create the quirky zigzag design. Embrace the season with these mini ugly Christmas sweater ornaments and let your creativity shine.

Christmas Tree Cake Ornament by Heather Corinne

Christmas Tree Cake Crochet Xmas Ornament FREE Pattern
(Credit: Heather Corinne)

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas tree cake ornament! This crochet Christmas ornament was inspired by the classic Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes that come in chocolate and vanilla.

These Christmas tree cakes consist of a front and back panel which are joined together with a round of single crochet stitches. The red frosting and green frosting are then added onto the with a tapestry needle.

Suggested Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

Christmas is a time to create lasting memories and traditions that bring families closer together. Whether it's a crochet Christmas tree for a small apartment, building a (LEGO) Gingerbread House together as a family, or sharing favorite Christmas crochet patterns, it's the love and togetherness that truly matters.

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