O Crochet Christmas Tree

December 25, 2018 | Modified: 2022-04-13T04:49:07Z

I have received SO MUCH love for my crochet Christmas tree this year on Instagram that it actually pushed me to 1500+ followers by Christmas!

I thought I would do a post just to show how it evolved throughout the month of December as I was working on adding more and more ornaments to it.

I've had many questions for where to get some of the patterns for the tree and ornaments, so I thought I would do a summary and link them all in here as well!

Crochet Christmas Tree Project

This was one of the first posts of my Christmas tree where it was basically just the tree and then some Christmas lights. I thought it wasn't too bad. Some may have thought it was still a bit bare:

Crochet Christmas Tree Project

Next, I added on some buttons so that there was something to hang my ornaments off of.

I found a giant bag of green buttons from Dollarama! I still had many left after placing this many on my Christmas tree.

Crochet Christmas Tree Project

And then here are my super popular Christmas baubles that had landed me on many of your Instagram follow lists. Thank you very much!

Crochet Christmas Tree Project

Many people are doing Elf on the Shelf with their kids, but that doll gives me the creeps. So I opted for something a little cuter, which was Santa's Helper amigurumi toy.

  • Santa's Helper Toy (Paid Pattern) by Airali Design from Simply Crochet Magazine, Issue 25

And of course, you can't have Christmas without stockings. Where else is old St. Nick going to put your little presents?

There's no such thing as too early when it comes to preparing for Christmas, so time to start prepping for next Christmas now!

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