12 Beautiful Crochet Cable Patterns for FREE

| Original: October 02, 2018

The temperature is dropping and the leaves are falling. It's that time of the year again when we just want to bundle up and stay inside with a cup of hot cocoa.

Last year, I shared a post of 12 Weeks of Christmas Crochet Projects to make in the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas! This year, I thought I'd round up another collection of 12 projects to make for Christmas! Although, keep in mind that some of these projects might take you more than a week to complete.

A year or two ago, I learned how to crochet cables! I love the look of the cables as it adds an extra level of sophistication to a piece. I have yet to design my own cabled project but I love gawking at all the different cabled projects out there on Pinterest.

So I thought I might round up a few of my favorites and share them with you today!

Cabled Beanie, version 2 by All About Ami

Stephanie of All About Ami has the same love for cable crochet projects. I've been following her blog for a while now.

You will find that she incorporates cables in many of her crochet projects. This crochet Cabled Beanie is already her second version! That pompom on top looks so fluffy!

Crochet Cable Beanie Pattern FREE (Credit: All About Ami)

Cabled Headband Hat with Big Button by 365 Crochet

I love how stylish this beanie looks! I have actually made this cable crochet beanie more than once and I love them all!

The very first one I made was in a shiny yellow yarn that I had leftover from my Rapunzel-Inspired Braided Scarf. BB has since hi-jacked my beanie, calling it her Rapunzel beanie.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the construction and how this hat all came together at the end. I always learn something new from working off other designers' patterns!

Crochet Cable Beanie with Big Button Pattern FREE
(Credit: 365 Crochet)

Crochet Cabled Mittens by All About Ami

These are probably one of the warmest pairs of mittens you will make. And look how elegant they are!

That crochet cable detail is just the cherry on top! It took Stephanie a lot of work to figure out how to straighten out the crochet cables while crocheting in the round and she did such an amazing job.

Crochet Cabled Mitten Pattern FREE
(Credit: All About Ami)

Cable Wrist Warmers by JR Crochet Designs

This was my very first cable crochet project. I love how they turned out! I love the fact that they can keep my hands warm, and I can still text and type with them on!

This was a great beginner project for those who want to learn how to crochet cables because they actually worked up pretty fast. Just remember, if I can do it, you can do it too!

Crochet Cable Wrist Warmers Pattern FREE
(Credit: Instagram (@onceuponacheerio))

Women's Cable Ear Warmer by Jenni Designs

These ear warmers are very similar to the crochet-cabled wrist warmers above. If you crochet both of them, you'll have a matching set!

It'd be a good idea to give this cable crochet project a try first because at least you would only have to make one of them as opposed to two pieces like the crochet wrist warmers!

They are so elegant in any and every color!

Crochet Cable Ear Warmer Pattern FREE
(Credit: Jenni Designs)

Catrina Cabled Wrap by Bonnie Bay

Isn't this the coziest wrap you've ever seen? I love how wide it is and it just looks so warm! I want to be wrapped up in all this goodness!

In this crochet wrap, you'll see two sets of crochet cables that are twisting in opposite directions. Those beautiful crochet cables look like wings.

Crochet Cabled Wrap Pattern FREE
(Credit: Bonnie Bay)

Braids & Cables Beanie & Cowl Set by MNE Crafts

This elegant set is a beanie and a cowl/infinity scarf set. It's wonderful and sophisticated. The way that the cables twist together makes the cables look like they're braided.

It crochet beanie and scarf set looks absolutely stunning and makes for a great winter gift for someone special. It definitely shows that you put in the effort to make your gifts!

Crochet Braided Cable Beanie and Cowl Pattern FREE
(Credit: MNE Crafts)

Crochet Heirloom Cabled Sweater by Sewrella

This beautiful crochet sweater designed by Sewrella is to die for! There's a lot of work that goes into crocheting a sweater and the extra effort you have to put in to make all those beautiful twisty cables is just the cherry on top!

Because it's so much work to crochet a sweater, it's not something that I would just do for anyone. This beautiful cable crochet sweater is definitely an heirloom that would only be made for that special someone in the family.

Crochet Heirloom Cabled Sweater Pattern FREE
(Credit: Sewrella)

Matilda Tote by Megmade with Love

When you love wearing your cables as an accessory, consider making the Matilda tote designed by Meg! She has used stabilizers and lining in this beautifully finished bag.

That leather handle is just the perfect finish for this tasteful crochet handbag.

Woven Cable Mug Cozy by 1 Dog Woof

Are large crochet cabled projects a little too intimidating for you? Try 1 Dog Woof's Woven Cable Mug Cozy. It's a different type of cabling pattern but still makes a beautiful piece.

Crochet Woven Cable Mug Cozy Pattern FREE
(Credit: 1 Dog Woof)

Farmhouse Pillow by Megmade with Love

Oh boy, oh boy! I love these braided cables on the pillow! They just look lovely and add a nice touch to a living room set!

Braided Cabled Blanket by All About Ami

And when you have a braided cabled blanket to match, you have the perfect Netflix and chill living room. Now all you need is some wine!

Crochet Braided Cabled Blanket Pattern FREE
(Credit: All About Ami)

If you have a cable crochet pattern that you love, share it with me! In the meantime, don't forget to pin this collection to your Pinterest!

Crochet Cable Project Patterns FREE

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