Yarn Tattoos that I Love and Want

| Original: November 01, 2022

Do you love yarn so much that you need a way to express it? For many of us yarn enthusiasts, yarn has become a staple in our lives that we can't live without.

Yarn is a way of life.

With that said, have you ever thought about getting a yarn tattoo to show your love for yarn? 

Tattoos are supposed to be a meaningful personal expression. I got my very first tattoo about 5 years ago.  I hit rock bottom and was grieving about losing my mom.

I was lucky to have certain individuals in my life who supported me through the process because I couldn't have done it without them. One of them was my cousin, who was there to hold my hand as I was getting my first tattoo.

I don't have an addiction to tattoos, but yarn has become such a huge part of my life that makes me happy. So... why not get a yarn tattoo? I am so inspired by all these beautiful yarn tattoos!

If you're looking for some yarn tattoo inspiration, you're in the right place! Here's a round-up of some yarn tattoos for all you knitters and crocheters out there!

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Delicate Florals and Knitting

Even though I don't knit, I think that this tattoo is so delicate and absolutely beautiful! Surrounded by gorgeous florals, this knitter is in her own little world living the best life ever.

When the Yarn is Out of this World

This tattoo is so cute! It's both abstract and simple enough that you can tell what it is even with the uncomplicated line drawing. The clean lines are to perfection.

BB went to summer school this year and did a STEAM class on Space. We've both established that Saturn was our favorite planet because of its beautiful rings!

Rainbow Granny Square Tattoo

I'm embarrassed to say this, but to this day, I have not crocheted a granny square. Granny squares are one of the very first things that people start off when learning how to crochet and continue to make when they've mastered the craft.

I've seen many beautiful granny square blankets, and this tattoo owner of course had to pay tribute to their art with a beautiful rainbow granny square tattoo.

Crochet Magic Wand / Hook Tattoo

If I ever get a crochet tattoo, I think I would want one like this one. If you think about it, yarn crafts are really some kind of witchcraft. You take a piece of string, make a bunch of organized tangles, and voila! Magic!

Forget about Harry Potter, that's fiction. Crochet - now that's real and you can make magical things. What better way to express that than a crochet hook magic wand?

Small Ball of Yarn Tattoo

I also really like this tattoo and I think I would consider getting something similar to this one as well if I didn't go for the magic wand crochet above.

It's small and simple. The tattoo owner lives in Ireland and works in a school as an art teacher where she needs to keep tattoos hidden if possible. So she designed this tattoo to fit under her watch! How clever and subtle! 

Soot Sprite and Yarn Tattoo

This one is so cute! If you're a fiber artist and a Ghibli Studio fan, you are going to love this one! Also, did you notice that these soot sprites are juggling a hank, a cake, and a skein of yarn? Do you know what the difference is?

If you think these soot sprites (aka. susuwatari) are cute, I have a crochet pattern for them!

Knitted Wedding Band Tattoo

This knitted ring tattoo has such a cute story behind it. For their wedding anniversary, she tried to convince her husband to get tattooed wedding bands. Unfortunately, her husband wasn't really into tattoos. However, he gave her the brilliant idea to tattoo a knitted ring on her finger.

It turned out so cute! While I'm not sure if I can withstand the pain of a finger tattoo, I'm sure the pain was all worth it to her.

Abstract Ball of Yarn Tattoo

I didn't really learn to appreciate abstract art until I started understanding abstract art. Once I understood it, it's almost like a secret language and now you're in a club.

Someone who isn't a fiber artist might not know or understand what this is a tattoo of. But when you know... you know. And now you're in the club!

Kawaii Yarn and Crochet Hook Tattoo

This cute little ball of yarn with a crochet hook is perfect for crochet artists! This tattoo owner showed her love and dedication to her craft with this yarn buddy. Now she'll never be alone when she's crocheting!

Decorated Lace Ruler Tattoo

I would personally love a tattoo that's both beautiful and functional. I came across this tatted lace ruler tattoo on Instagram and I thought to myself: how practical! The distance between each dot is one inch. I would never have to go search for my measuring tape again! 

Are you thinking about getting a yarn tattoo? Or do you already have one? I hope this post sparked some inspiration! 

If you come across any amazing yarn tattoos that I should see, make sure you let me know or leave me a comment down below!

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