12 FREE Pumpkin Crochet Patterns to Make for 2023

| Original: August 26, 2023

As the leaves begin to turn and the crisp breeze fills the air, the enchanting season of autumn takes center stage. What better way to embrace its cozy charm than by decorating our spaces with charming crochet pumpkins?

These delightful crochet pumpkins are not your typical crochet pumpkins. I've purposely handpicked the most unique and FREE crochet pumpkin patterns from the Internet for you to enjoy. 

They not only add a touch of handmade warmth to your home but they also offer a canvas for artistic expression.

Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting your crafting journey, these pumpkin crochet patterns are bound to spark your creativity and infuse your surroundings with the spirit of fall.

From rustic farmhouse aesthetics to whimsical touches of enchantment, these free pumpkin crochet patterns are here to inspire. Each pattern holds the promise of transforming a simple ball of yarn into a captivating work of art.

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Plaid Crochet Pumpkin by Megmade With Love

Imagine a crochet pumpkin that brings together rustic charm and whimsical nostalgia. This crochet plaid pumpkin achieves the perfect fusion. 

This timeless design, reminiscent of picnics and crisp autumn days, wraps around the pumpkin in a symphony of colors. The alternating squares typically found on woven fabrics, are magically transformed into a texture-rich tapestry through the artistry of crochet.

Crochet Pumpkin Pouf (with Jack-o-Lantern mod) by Repeat Crafter Me

Crafted with Bernat Blanket Yarn, this delightful crochet pumpkin pouf seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. The size of this pumpkin pouf makes it an irresistible addition to any relaxation corner or cozy reading nook.

With a quick makeover, you can even turn this crochet pumpkin pouf into a giant crochet jack-o-lantern!

Crochet Fox Pumpkin by Winding Road Crochet

You will love adding this crochet fox pumpkin to your collection of crochet pumpkins. This crochet fox pumpkin comes in 2 different sizes and features a whimsical fox face with a plump stuffed tail and ears sticking out on the top. 

The copper-orange tones of the fox's fur blend perfectly with the pumpkin orange tones. These charming pumpkins are perfect for a touch of storybook whimsy for the kids and the young at heart.

BOO Crochet Pumpkins by The Turtle Trunk

These crochet letter pumpkins are a fun and unique decorating piece for Fall and Halloween! The pattern features graphs for the letters A to Z so you can spell out any word, name, or initials you want.

These crochet pumpkins are a beginner-friendly crochet pattern as long as you know how to change colors. They're easy for beginners and made using single crochet stitches worked in rows, and the letters are crocheted into the pumpkins using the intarsia crochet technique. 

Crochet Pumpkin with Leaf Coasters by Briana K Designs

Crochet pumpkins are so popular every year, but this might be the first time that you've ever seen crochet pumpkins that double up as coaster holders! With a gentle tug, the stems unfurl, revealing a stunning crocheted leaf that serves as a practical coaster.

These crochet pumpkin with leaf coasters would make for wonderful and quirky autumn gifts for your dinner guests this season. 

Tunisian Crochet Pumpkin by One Dog Woof

FREE Crochet Pattern for Tunisian Crochet Pumpkin that Looks Knit
(Credit: One Dog Woof)

If you're looking for a traditional knit look and want to learn a new technique, you can try these Tunisian crochet pumpkins! At first glance, it's hard to imagine that these pumpkins are not knitted. 

The Tunisian crochet technique has somehow been able to recreate the similar charm of knit stitches. Instead of the conventional stem, you can opt to use a leather tag as a stem for a modern and minimalistic look. 

Harvest Crochet Pumpkins by Repeat Crafter Me

These crochet harvest pumpkins might look like the traditional crochet pumpkins that you find all over the internet, but if you look closely at the construction of these pumpkins, you'll notice that the grooves and ridges are made by alternating the use of single crochet stitches and double crochet stitches. This means that you do not need to sew lines of yarn around your pumpkin at the end!

Chevron Crochet Pumpkin by Yarnspirations

Easy Chevron Pumpkin Crochet Pattern FREE
(Credit: Yarnspirations)

These crochet chevron pumpkins are creatively designed. Combining texture and color to create a striking visual impact that captures the essence of the season. These crocheted pumpkins are crocheted in the round using short V-like stitches to create the chevron look. Once you're finished, you'll realize how easy it was to create this interesting look!

Crochet Pumpkin Bear by Taylor Peach

Introducing a heartwarming twist on the traditional fall decor, the crochet pumpkin bear! The details of this crochet pumpkin bear are created using small cut-out felt pieces: the eyes, snout, and rosy cheeks.

As the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisper, these crochet pumpkins bridge the gap between the playful magic of crafting and the enchantment of autumn.

Crochet Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin by Yarn and Chai

Crochet Jack-O-Lantern -  Pumpkin Crochet Pattern
(Credit: Yarn and Chai)

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Halloween with this crochet jack-o-lantern! This iconic symbol encapsulates the magic of the season. And you know what's great about a jack-o-lantern made out of yarn? It doesn't rot!

This crochet pattern uses an abbreviation of CSC (crossed single crochet) which is similar to my yarn under single crochet method to get the stitches all aligned. Note the unique method the pattern makes the color changes so that you can get the same look!

Leopard Print Crochet Pumpkin by Crafting for Weeks

Unveil the untamed allure of the wild with these crochet leopard print pumpkins! These crochet pumpkins use the waistcoat single crochet stitch to give it a knit look while helping all the stitches align on top of each other instead of going on a slant.

I would normally grade this pumpkin crochet to be an intermediate level because of all the color changes involved. However, the construction of this pumpkin is pretty straightforward. So if you're a beginner and you're interested in making a leopard print crochet pumpkin, I'd say give this one a try!

Crochet Chain Cable Pumpkin by Pink Plumeria Maui

This beautiful crocheted chain cable pumpkin might look seemingly complex, but it's actually designed to be approachable for beginners! As you follow this pumpkin crochet pattern, you'll discover that the cables are easier to create than they appear.

To create the cables, you will initially be making just the chains, and then manipulating these loops with your fingers to make a braided cable. It's all an illusion! 

All these crocheted pumpkins would make beautiful table centerpieces, wreaths and garlands, seasonal gifts, and photo props! In the world of crafts, crochet pumpkins stand out as a testament to the beauty of autumn and the power of creativity.

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