Mini Mimi CAL (Part 5: Hair) Amigurumi Doll Base Crochet Pattern

August 26, 2019 | Modified: 2022-08-20T01:08:49Z

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So, I am no master when it comes to creating hair for my amigurumi dolls. So I've been working hard on how to create this tutorial when it comes to putting hair on these amigurumi dolls. At the end of the day, I created a few different versions. While I loved the "playable" hair for the dolls I made my girls, I also really like the neat and tidy never-to-be-moved hair on my own doll. This way, I'll never have a bad hair day.

To create the "playable" hair for the dolls I made my girls, I followed this tutorial by SweetSofties:

This is an amazing tutorial for adding hair to your amigurumi. I particularly liked how she layered the hair so that it doesn't look super bulky but enough hair so that you can style it and play with it once completed.

If you want to add the hair directly onto your doll's head without creating a wig cap, here is a method that doesn't require any knots or sewing.

If you are impatient like I am, and/or would rather be crocheting than cutting up little pieces of yarn for the hair, consider using the method I used for my own doll:

Using your desired hair colour yarn...
Round 1: Magic Circle with a base of 10 sc sts (10 sts)
Round 2: Sc inc in each st around (20 sts)

Now you are going to crochet each strand of hair
Hair Strands: *Ch to the desired length of hair, then slst back to the circle, slst into the next st, and repeat from * until you go around the whole circle.

Now you will have 20 thick strands of hair to work with. You can go ahead and pin this piece to the top of the head and pin down each strand of hair to the base of the head and style as needed.

Once you know where you want the hair to sit, sew down the top of the hairpiece, and then sew down each strand of the hair. Alternatively, you can use glue if you are comfortable with that option.

This hairpiece likely won't cover all the bald spots on the head so you'll likely need more strands of hair. To add more strands of hair, you can use the following method:

Extra Hair Strands: *Ch to the desired hair length (measuring from the crown of the head), slst back to the beginning and repeat from * until you have enough strands of hair to cover the bald spots
Cut and fasten off.

Then weave through the strands of hair either 1 or 2 at a time depending on how many strands you have. Pull to bunch them together and attach them to the crown of the head.

Using the same method, pin and sew down the strands of hair to the base of the head, overlapping the strands from the first hairpiece to complete the look of your doll.

UPDATE: March 11/2021
I've got a new crochet amigurumi doll hair tutorial that I created for my amigurumi Elsa doll that you might enjoy!

Amigurumi Doll Hair Tutorial

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