Mini Mimi CAL (Part 4: Body) Amigurumi Doll Base Crochet Pattern

August 19, 2019 | Modified: 2022-07-20T06:36:33Z

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OMG! You're almost done with your doll! The finish line is so close you can almost taste it!

Amigurumi Doll Crochet Pattern


Crocheting using skin colour yarn.
Round 19: 3 sc, sc dec, 10 sc, sc dec, 7 sc (22 sts)
Round 20: Sc in each st around (22 sts)
Round 21: 3 sc, sc dec, 9 sc, sc dec, 6 sc (20 sts)
Round 22: Sc in each st around (20 sts)
Round 23: 3 sc, sc dec, 8 sc, sc dec, 5 sc (18 sts)
Round 24: Sc in each st around (18 sts)

If you are hoping to make your doll pose-able, now would be a good time to insert your pipe-cleaners/wire. I used one folded pipe-cleaner for each leg and then one folded for both of the arms.

Also, don't forget to continue stuffing your doll with poly-fil as you decrease your stitches to the neck.

Round 25: 3 sc, 6 sc around the first arm, 9 sc, 6 sc around the second arm, 6 sc (30 sts)
Round 26: Sc dec in each st around (15 sts)
Round 27: Sc, 7 sc dec (8 sts)
Round 28:  6 sc, sc dec (7 sts)
Round 29-35: Sc in each st around (7 sts)
Fasten off and leave a long tail to sew onto the head. 

The neck is so long because it needs to provide support for the head.

Thread the yarn tail through the hole on the bottom of the head. Then sew it to the top of the head and then sew it to the neck again to secure it. Do this a few times to make sure your head is secured, then fasten off.

Basic Amigurumi Doll Base FREE Crochet Pattern

Basic Amigurumi Doll Base FREE Crochet Pattern

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Basic Amigurumi Doll Base FREE Crochet Pattern

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