Odd Squad Squares

| Original: November 20, 2018

Back in September, Tara of @killerqueenknits sent me a message on Instagram asking if I was interested in participating in a crochet project/collaboration. She was collecting crocheted and knitted squares from fiber friends around the world to create beautiful blanket(s) that would be donated for a fundraising gala hosted by Odd Squad Productions.

Odd Squad Productions is a charitable organization comprised of in-service & retired police officers and civilian volunteers, and is recognized as a leader in the field of drug and gang education for youth. Odd Squad receives no funding or financial support from the Vancouver Police Department, so all donations help the organization in delivering valuable and needed reality-based education on the consequences of engaging in risky behaviour to thousands of students in the Lower Mainland, throughout B.C, and across Canada 

The goal was to collect as many squares as possible by October 1st so Tara can figure out how many blankets she would be able to make and put them together in time for the event. She showed me photos of the blanket that she created last year and it was stunning!

Odd Squad Square Blanket Crochet Project

The blankets were such a success at their silent auction last year that Tara thought it would be awesome to donate another custom blanket for the gala this year!

Tara chose the colors white and grey, but the real challenge of this collaboration is that the squares must be 8x8. I end up frogging my square at least 3 times to get it to measure properly.

Odd Squad Square Blanket Crochet Project

Check out the beautiful blanket from this year!

Odd Squad Square Blanket Crochet Project

Along with the blanket includes a little pamphlet with a blurb outlining its lovely contributors/makers and how the blanket came to be. It's a lovely touch that really tells the story of the blanket and its makers!

Meet some of the makers now!

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