Sugar Rush Leg Warmers Crochet Pattern

I absolutely LOVED Wreck-it-Ralph. So can I tell you how excited I was when they said that they're making a Wreck-it-Ralph 2?

And then to have Ralph and Vanellope venture out into the Internet world is just GENIUS!!!

While I am super excited about Wreck-it-Ralph's release, I have my doubts about watching it in the theaters.

For some reason, I'm just not a big fan of watching movies in the theaters. I much prefer to be in the comfort of my own home, munching on a bowl of popcorn and in my pajamas.

I also like the freedom of pausing the movie when I'm in need of a bathroom break. I am totally a comfy princess type of girl!

I really enjoyed the first Wreck-it-Ralph movie.

It's no secret, but for those who don't know, I am a geek at heart. Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, etc. I love them all.

So it's no doubt that I already knew that I would love Wreck-it-Ralph before I even watched it.

Vanellope's style is totally ME! I created these leg warmers inspired by Vanellope's leggings.

Hanson kept trying to convince me that they are a thing of the 80's and that they make me look like a backup dancer from Olivia Newton-John's music video. But I've started attending adult ballet lessons for approximately 3 weeks now and am really enjoying it.

And if I remember correctly... Off-duty ballerinas wear leg warmers, right?

I would have published this pattern earlier if it wasn't for the lack of sunlight in the last week. It's impossible for me to take decent photos of the project under natural lighting when it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I return home.

The great thing about these slouchy, super comfy leg warmers is that there's no actual increasing/decreasing as one might think there was between the cuffs and the leg.

Instead, we achieved the slouchy part by simply changing to a larger hook size. Hence why this pattern calls for 3 different hook sizes for this pattern: 4.0-mm, 5.0-mm, and 7.0-mm.

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What You Need / Materials

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Stitches & Abbreviations

  • ch - chain
  • st/sts - stitch/stitches
  • sc - single crochet
  • sc blo - single crochet in the back loop only
  • hdc - half double crochet
  • slst - slip stitch


  • Cuff #1

Using 4.0 mm Crochet Hook (size G)
Ch 11
Row 1: Sc into the second loop from the ch, and then in each st across (10 sts)
Row 2-39: Ch 1, turn, sc blo in each st across (10 sts)
At the end of the row, fold the beginning row up. Align row 1 and Row 39 and slst them together (this is going to be the wrong side of the cuff). Do not cut yarn.

  • Leg

Using 5.0 mm Crochet Hook (size H)
Round 1: Ch 1, then sc into each st on the side of the cuff, slst to the first ch to join (39 sts)
Using 7.0 mm Crochet Hook (size K/L)
Rounds 2-29: Ch 1, hdc into each st around, slst to join (39 sts)
Using 5.0 mm  Crochet hook (size H)
Round 30: Ch 1, sc into each st around, slst to join (39 sts)
Cut and fasten off.

  • Cuff #2

Repeat the pattern for Cuff #1 and then slst it together onto the last round of the leg.

Colour Changes

Left Leg

Right Leg

Rounds 2-5: Mint
Rounds 6-7: White
Rounds 8-11: Mint
Rounds 12-13: White
Rounds 14-17: Mint
Rounds 18-19: White
Rounds 20-23: Mint
Rounds 24-25: White
Rounds 26-29: Mint
Rounds 2-5: Mint
Rounds 6-9: White
Rounds 10-13: Mint
Rounds 14-17: White
Rounds 18-21: Mint
Rounds 22-25: White
Rounds: 26-29: Mint
Then, using pink yarn, surface slst between the 3rd and 4th row of each white stripe. Finish off with an invisible join back to the first st.

Check out my happy dance moves! 😂

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