...I'll Be Your Mama Bear Hooded Scarf (Scoodie) Crochet Pattern

| Original: November 12, 2018

Darn Good Yarn has provided me with some Variegated Thick and Thin Wool yarn to try out and that's when I created the crochet pattern for my Through Thick and Thin scoodie.

After finishing the scoodie, I had some extra yarn left. I love the bear scoodies I found on Pinterest, but most of them are for children.

We, mama bears need some love too! So I present to you, my "Through Thick and Thin... I'll Be Your Mama Bear" Scoodie!

The bear ears are a cute and quick add-on to your scoodie! Check me out!

Mama Bear Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

Mama Bear Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

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Mama Bear Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

Mama Bear Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern is available for FREE on this website. If you'd like an ad-free, printable PDF version, you can purchase it for a small fee from my Ravelry shop.

What You Need / Materials

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Stitches & Abbreviations

  • ch - chain
  • st/sts - stitch/stitches
  • slst - slip stitch
  • sc - single crochet
  • sc inc - single crochet increase
  • hdc - half double crochet
  • dc - double crochet
  • fpdc - front post double crochet
  • bpdc - back post double crochet

Hooded Cowl Crochet Pattern

Ch 27
Row 1: Hdc into the third loop from the hook, hdc in the next 24 sts, and turn. Now working on the other side of the chain, hdc in the next 25 sts (50 sts)
Row 2-14: Ch 2, turn, 50 hdc (50 sts)
Row 15-16: Ch 2 (this one counts as a st), turn, fpdc into the next st, [1 bpdc, 1 fpdc] x 24 times (50 sts)

Through Thick and Thin Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

You should now have a rectangle that is closed on two of the sides to form a hood. Without cutting the yarn, you are now going to start working in rounds from here on.

Ch 3, slst join to the last st of the row to shape the hood
Round 1: Ch 2, dc in the 3 chains, 3 dc along the edge of the fpdc sts, 41 along the edge of the hdc sts, 3 dc along the edge of the fpdc sts, slst join (50 sts)
Round 2-6: Ch 2, 50 dc, slst join (50 sts)
Fasten off and weave in the ends. 

Through Thick and Thin Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

Through Thick and Thin Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

and because I had a bit of yarn leftover after finishing my hooded scarf, I decided to make bear ears!

Bear Ears (make 2)

Row 1: Magic ring with a base of 4 sc (4 sts)
Row 2: Ch 1, turn, sc inc in each st around (8 sts)
Row 3: Ch 1, turn, [sc, sc inc] x 4 times (12 sts)
Row 4: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st around (12 sts)
Fasten off and leave a tail to sew onto your Through Thick and Thin Scoodie.

Mama Bear Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

Did you make your own Mama Bear Scoodie? I'd love to see it! Please share it with me on Instagram and/or use the #onceuponacheerio hashtag.

Mama Bear Hooded Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern

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This is an original crochet pattern written by Juli Anne of Once Upon a Cheerio. Please do not claim this crochet pattern as your own. If you wish to share this crochet pattern, you may link to this blog post but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for personal use but please DO NOT sell or distribute the crochet pattern.

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Unknown said...

Where is the pattern for the Scoodie???

Juli Anne said...

The pattern to the scoodie can be found at the beginning of this blog post, but here it is:

Jacquelyn Thornton-Duncan said...

Would you mind giving me the guage for this, please?
I would like to make one for my sister-in-law
for Christmas and I want it to fit, since she is a small person.
Thank you in advance.

Juli Anne said...

Hello! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to measure the project for the gauge before giving it away now. I've made this bear scoodie in a children's size before by holding 2 strands of worsted weight before. So if you're making it for a small adult, you'll likely need a thicker yarn.

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