11 Creative Crochet Temperature Blankets and Alternatives

| Original: December 30, 2021

Many things have happened in the last year for our family. BB has lost 2 teeth, I started a new job, and our family moved into a new home!

As the year comes to an end, we start looking forward to the new year with new beginnings. At the start of the new year, crocheters often start looking at temperature yarn projects. Google searches often come back with "temperature blankets".

Sometimes, crocheting blankets can be such a daunting project. What if you lose interest and don't end up finishing it?

Unless you're working off temperatures from years in the past, you're not going to have all your temperature data all at once. So in those cases, you might only be able to work on it one row or one piece a day.

So aside from some beautiful temperature blankets, here are also some other very creative temperature projects (that are NOT blankets)!

Moss Stitch Crochet Temperature Blanket

Striped Temperature Crochet Blanket

Many temperature blankets are of the bright rainbow spectrum. Not that rainbow colors are bad, but sometimes, when you change up your color pallet like @knitalieco did, even the simple crochet moss stitches can create beautiful temperature blankets that don't look like it's made by a unicorn.

Hexagon Temperature Blanket

Hexagon Temperature Crochet Blanket Pattern

This beautiful hexagon temperature blanket was made by Jen back in 2019. Instead of using the typical rainbow spectrum for her temperatures, she chose to use more earth tones and it looks magnificent!

It took her 371 days to complete, Each hexagon is one week, with 7 rounds for each hexagon. Then she made extra white hexagons to square off the blanket! I love how unique this temperature blanket looks. 💖

Floral Hexagon Temperature Blanket

Floral Hexagon Temperature Crochet Blanket

If the hexagon blanket got your interest peaked, check out this Doris Daisy Hexagon Temperature Blanket that TLS Crochet made for 2019.

Again, using a different color pallet can really change the style of your blanket! Here, she decided to make her blanket using pastel colors.

And even though it might be a temperature blanket of the whole year, it came off with a very lovely spring feel to it!

Floral Granny Squares Temperature Blanket

Floral Square Temperature Crochet Blanket

As I searched more of TLS Crochet's work on Ravelry, I happened to come by another beautiful temperature blanket that she made for 2020.

This time, she used some bolder colors to contrast the white that goes between the blankets. This one reminds me of stained glass windows and I just love it so much!

Mini Granny Square Temperature Blanket

Mini Granny Square Crochet Temperature Blanket

Temperature blankets sometimes turn out bigger than you think you don't realize how many rows or pieces you are putting together until you have all your pieces.

This blanket gives me all kinds of cutesy vibes. Not sure if it's because the granny squares are so small that they kind of look like tiny flowers, but I am really in love with this mini granny square blanket!

Temperature Amigurumi Cat

Temperature Blanket Alternatives - Amigurumi Cat

Have enough blankets at home? How about a giant temperature amigurumi cat! This is such a clever way to document the year's temperatures.

I love the range of colors and because temperatures can be so unpredictable, the colors can come out to be the perfect randomness of stripes!

Temperature Amigurumi Giraffe

Temperature Blanket Alternatives - Amigurumi Giraffe

Here is another adorable giant temperature amigurumi, but this time, it's of a giraffe. Temperature amigurumis make for great and amazing gifts.

For example, you can use something like this to help document a baby's first year of temperatures. Or maybe even your first or last year of school. Perhaps even the year you got married.

There can be so many ideas!

Temperature Bohemian Wrap

Temperature Blanket Alternatives - Triangle Shawl

If temperature blankets are too daunting for you, you can try starting off small like a bohemian temperature shawl. This maker chose to use a rainbow color pallet, but you can easily choose to use colors that fit your wardrobe.

My Year in Temperature Scarf 

Temperature Blanket Alternatives - Knitted Temperature Scarf

Again, if you feel that you have too many crochet blankets or that starting a crochet blanket might be too big of a project to commit to, try something smaller like a temperature scarf.

You can even choose to leave your loose ends (but maybe at least trim them so that they're all the same length) and it makes for a great fringe!

Crochet Temperature Dress

Temperature Blanket Alternatives - Crochet Temperature Dress  Temperature Blanket Alternatives - Crochet Temperature Dress

Do you have enough blankets in your home, but still want to do a temperature project? Try out this temperature dress for a change!

This beautifully designed dress has summer temperatures landing in all the right places when you start making it in January! It's lovely how sometimes things just work out.

Crochet Temperature Cloud

Crochet temperature cloud, crochet temperature blanket alternative

I absolutely love this project. This crochet temperature cloud is one of the more creative crochet temperature projects that I've seen. Each crocheted bead represents a range of temperatures for the day.

It's a much smaller and manageable project for those who are too busy to make a temperature blanket. The crochet cloud pattern is also available for free.

Are you planning on starting any temperature projects for this year? Show me what you've got!

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