5 Free Printables to Inspire a Sweet and Safe Halloween

| Original: October 28, 2021

For some of us, Halloween is something we prepare for during the whole month of October (and maybe even at the end of September).

You may have been getting ready for the holiday for weeks, with pumpkins carved, candy stocked, and the finishing touches on your handmade crochet costume all ready to go.

Whether you’ve been planning all month or are just trying to put together some last-minute activities for the kids, you can add some extra fun to this Hallo-weekend with these five Halloween-themed printables.

Each printable is the perfect balance of sweet and spooky, and kids of all ages will enjoy them!

1. Set Up a Game of “You’ve Been BOOed”

If you’ve decided to stay socially distanced for Halloween this year, it doesn’t mean the kids have to miss out on any of the fun! Start a game of “you’ve been BOOed” by tagging a neighbor with a bag of candy on their doorstep and these cute door printables.

You and the kids can drop the goodies off, ring the doorbell, and then watch your neighbors receive your surprise from a safe distance. It will be up to them to continue the game by tagging another neighbor, and everyone gets to join in on the socially-distanced fun!

Fun Halloween Printable: You've Been Booed

Download You've been BOOed Activity

2. Put Up a Cute Candy Sign

On the other hand, if you’ve decided to indulge in trick-or-treating this year, this printable candy sign will be a friendly greeting to accompany your candy bowl at home. One safety tip for leaving your home unattended on Halloween is to keep some lights on in your house. 

This will deter any burglars or thieves (the real kind, not the costumed kind) from trying to break in and keep your home safe for when your family returns with a bounty of candy.

Fun Halloween Printable: Cute Candy Sign

Download Candy Sign Printable

3. Go on a Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Another safe, socially-distanced activity is to organize a spooky scavenger hunt at home. To help get the kids off the couch and active before they indulge in all their candy, design the scavenger hunt to go all throughout the house and yard. 

Once they finish, you can reward them with their favorite Halloween movie or some special sweet treats. Use the scavenger hunt printable below to help you get started.

Fun Halloween Printable: Scavenger Hunt

Download Halloween Scavenger Hunt

4. Swap Germy Candy Bowls for Sweet Goodie Bags

Candy bowls at Halloween are notorious for sticky fingers and germs. Keep your family’s health and everyone else’s on top of your mind by putting together individual treat bags that will prevent everyone’s germs from mingling in a bowl. 

You can fill the bags with assorted candy, chocolate, or baked goods and attach these sweet and spooky labels to make them festive.

Fun Halloween Printable: Treat Labels

Download Halloween Treat Labels

5. Prevent Accidents with Property Signs

With most trick-or-treaters coming around in the dark, it can be easy for any kid or adult to trip, slip, or fall. 

To help prevent any unwanted accidents on such a fun-filled night, try lighting walkways well and putting up signs like the ones below around your property to alert others to potential hazards. 

It’s always good to know that neighbors are looking out for each other and making sure everyone has a good time.

Fun Halloween Printable: Warning Signs

Download Halloween Outdoor Signs

Whether you’re taking the family trick-or-treating or planning a socially-distanced night at home, we hope these printables inspire you to have a good time. Stay safe and have a happy Halloween!

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