The Ultimate Collection of FREE Crochet Star Wars Patterns of 2024

| Original: May 04, 2020

Did you know that May 4th is Star Wars Day? (May the 4th ("force") be with you!)

If you're a Star Wars fan and enjoy crocheting, you're in luck! There are plenty of Star Wars crochet patterns available online that you can use to create your very own Star Wars-inspired items.

A couple years ago baby Yoda (AKA. the child, Grogu) from The Mandalorian was all the rage. Baby Yoda's crochet patterns started popping up everywhere!

But before Baby Yoda came along and blew up the Internet, makers were already creating crochet patterns inspired by this extremely popular franchise for years. From Yoda and Chewbacca to BB-8 and R2-D2, there are plenty of characters to choose from.

So I thought to tie this very much celebrated day with my hobby. In this post, we'll explore some of the best Star Wars crochet patterns and how you can use them to create unique and fun items.

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Crochet Star Wars Patterns Free

Crochet Star Wars Characters Amigurumi Patterns

BB-8 Amigurumi by Casey Barnes

Crochet Star Wars Characters FREE Amigurumi Patterns - BB-8 Amigurumi

There are places inside Disney Parks where you can "build a droid". Instead of building your own, you can try your hand at crocheting a droid! I've seen many crochet BB-8 amigurumis, but this one is probably one of my favorites. Maybe it's the way they stuffed it. Just looks so perfectly round!

Baby Yoda Amigurumi by Sweet Softies

Crochet Star Wars Characters FREE Amigurumi Patterns - Baby Yoda Amigurumi

Check out how cute is this Baby Yoda amigurumi pattern! This adorable pattern is perfect for fans of the Mandalorian and Star Wars. With detailed instructions and an easy-to-follow written pattern, even beginners can create their very own miniature version of everyone's favorite green alien. Get ready to fall in love with this Baby Yoda amigurumi!

Mini R2D2 Amigurumi Pattern by Miigu by Mia

Crochet Star Wars Characters Amigurumi - mini R2D2 amigurumi pattern

Let's build another droid! This crochet pattern for a mini R2D2 is perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages and makes a great gift for any Star Wars enthusiast. With its cute and cuddly design, this R2D2 amigurumi is sure to become a beloved addition to any Star Wars collection. Channel your inner Jedi and create your very own R2D2 Amigurumi today!

Wicket the Ewok Amigurumi by Lucy Collins

Crochet Star Wars Characters - Ewok amigurumi pattern FREE

Look at this cute and cuddly Ewok crochet pattern, written by none other than Lucy Collins, the author of three official Star Wars crochet kits! With Lucy's expert guidance, you can create your very own miniature version of these lovable creatures from the forest moon of Endor. Get ready to embark on an adventure to a galaxy far, far away, and create your own Ewok amigurumi today!

Check out Lucy Collins' Star Wars crochet kits on Amazon:

Rey Crochet Doll by Crochet with Melanie (Free Pattern)

Crochet Star Wars Characters - Rey Amigurumi Doll FREE

Get ready to join the resistance and create your very own Rey amigurumi doll today! With this easy-to-follow instruction and step-by-step diagrams, even beginners can create their very own miniature version of this iconic hero. This pattern is perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages. This amigurumi Rey makes a great addition to any Star Wars collection.

Mini Porg Amigurumi by The Geeky Hooker (Free Pattern)

Crochet Star Wars Characters - Porg Amigurumi FREE Pattern

Porgs are popular because of their adorable and cuddly appearance, which immediately captured the hearts of Star Wars fans. Their big round eyes, fluffy features, and distinctive chirping sounds have made them a fan favorite. Now you can crochet your own Porg with this free amigurumi pattern!

Crochet Star Wars Hat Patterns

Ewok Yub Nub Scoodie by Kristen Stevenson

Star Wars Crochet Patterns - Ewok Yub Nub Scoodie

This crochet Ewok scoodie is a combination of a hooded scarf (scoodie) and an Ewok-inspired design. It features Ewok's unique hood design with brown furry ears. This scoodie makes a fun and playful accessory for fans of Star Wars or those who love cozy and quirky clothing items. These would be particularly popular during the fall and winter months when warm and comfortable clothing is essential. It would also make a great Disneybound crochet project too!

Princess Leia Yarn Wig by Repeat Crafter Me

Star Wars Crochet Patterns - Princess Leia Yarn Wig DIY

Princess Leia yarn wigs are a fun and creative way to dress up as the iconic Star Wars character for Halloween, cosplay events, or even just for fun. Princess Leia yarn wigs would also make a cute prop for baby photography sessions. While it's not really crocheting, it's still yarn related (and oh my she's so cute!)

Crochet Yoda Scoodie by Knot Bad Ami

Crochet Star Wars Hat - Yoda Scoodie FREE Crochet Pattern

This crochet Yoda scoodie is a combination of a hooded scarf with the distinctive look of the wise and powerful Jedi Master Yoda from Star Wars. They feature Yoda's green skin and pointy ears. Scoodies in general are particularly popular in the fall and winter when the temperatures begin to drop. Channel your inner wisdom and power of the Jedi Master while keeping warm and cozy.

More Crochet Star Wars Patterns

Crochet Lightsaber Ice Pop Cozies by Cookies Snob Crochet

Star Wars Crochet Patterns - Lightsaber Ice Pop Cozies

I have to say, these crochet Lightsaber ice pop cozies are very clever crochet projects. Lightsaber ice pop cozies are a fun and creative way to enjoy your frozen treat while paying tribute to the iconic weapon from the Star Wars universe. Keep your fingers from freezing while eating an ice pop! These lightsaber ice pop cozies would make a fun and playful addition to any Star Wars-themed party or gathering. Great gift for any Star Wars fan!

Crochet Star Wars Blanket by Ahookamigurumi

Star Wars Crochet Patterns - Star Wars Crochet Blanket

This crochet Star Wars blanket is truly a work of art and is meant just for loyal and dedicated fans. You won't believe it, but look at how much work is put in to make all those crochet squares. And then, of course, you'll have to stitch up all the crochet squares together afterward!

A Galaxy Far Far Away Crochet Blanket by Courtney Laube

Crochet Star Wars Blanket - A Galaxy Far Far Away Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

This is another beautiful crochet Star Wars blanket that uses the intarsia crochet technique to create a beautiful and intricate design featuring some of your favorite characters from the Star Wars Universe. The designer of this beautiful Star Wars crochet blanket made the pattern free for download and even has a video tutorial on how her website for the intarsia crochet technique.

Free Crochet Star Wars Cup Cozy Patterns

Free Crochet Star Wars Patterns - R2D2, Baby Yoda, Boba Fett, Princess LeiaCup Cup Cozies

Hey Boba Fett, would you like some Boba Tea? Hahaha! This has always been one of those ongoing lame Star Wars jokes between my brother and I. I even started pronouncing Boba Fett like "Boba-fay" (i.e. rhymes with buffet) and said that we should open up a Boba buffet one day where we serve all-you-can-drink bubble tea. 🤣

These beautiful crochet Star Wars cup cozies will make a wonderful gift to any Star Wars fan!

I hope you enjoyed this ultimate roundup of FREE Star Wars crochet patterns! So long, Star Wars Fan!

FREE Crochet Star Wars Patterns

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