Star Wars Crafts Roundup

Today is May 4th. You might be thinking... so? Well... May the 4th ("force") be with you too!

I'll apologize in advance, but I'm actually not a Star Wars fan. I tried watching it (multiple times) but it just doesn't grow on me like it does on some other people.

I guess I take after my mom. She's the type that falls asleep when you make her watch Star Wars.

Over Christmas last year, everyone was going crazy over baby Yoda (AKA. the child) from The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda crochet patterns started popping up everywhere!

But before Baby Yoda came along and blew up the Internet, makers were already creating patterns inspired by this extremely popular franchise for years.

So I thought to tie this very much celebrated day with my hobby, I would share with you a roundup of some of the coolest Star Wars crochet patterns I found!

1. Lightsaber Ice Pop Cozies by Cookies Snob Crochet

2. BB-8 Amigurumi by Casey Barnes

3. BB-8 Crochet Pattern by Spin a Yarn

(Credit: Spin a Yarn)

4. Ewok Yub Nub Scoodie by Kristen Stevenson

5. Star Wars Crochet Blanket by Ahookamigurumi

(Credit: Ahookamigurumi)

6. Princess Leia Yarn Wig by Repeat Crafter Me

7. Boba Fett Coffee Cup Cozy by Enchanted Ladybug

Honourable Paid Patterns Mentions

Fighter Blanket Crochet Pattern (on Etsy) by MJ's Off the Hook

Star Wars Amigurumi Patterns (on Etsy) by Little Things Blogged

Star Wars Crochet Kit (on Amazon) by Lucy Collin

(Credit: Amazon)

Star Wars Even More Crochet Kit (on Amazon) by Lucy Collin

(Credit: Amazon)

Hope you all enjoyed this list. Don't forget to pin it for later!

So long, Star Wars Fan!