DIY Reusable Sticker Book

| Original: July 08, 2019

Do you remember playing with these reusable sticker books from when you were little? They had these waxy/laminated pages where you can stick and peel off stickers without ruining/ripping them.

I really wanted to get one for BB so that she could have her own sticker collection one day! Right now, she just sticks them on me.

Most sticker pads I've encountered nowadays have the recommended age of 3 and up printed on them. However, from what I've read online, many parents introduced stickers at around 18 months (with supervision, of course) as activities to help build fine motor skills.

I personally love stickers, and couldn't wait to introduce stickers to BB as soon as I felt that she was ready for them. Mui Mui, unfortunately, is still a bit too young to appreciate them.

DIY Reusable Sticker Book / Sticker Album with Recycled Material

I went searching all over town for them and can't seem to find stick-and-peel reusable sticker books anymore.

All the sticker books that I encountered are those that you can only stick on, but cannot peel off. It will likely ruin and rip your stickers when you try to remove stickers from those pages.

Let's face it, we don't need another toddler crying over ripped stickers.

My new job involves a lot more "office" work than working at the hospital.

Last week, I saw someone printing off a bunch of labels. My brain suddenly lit up and I asked them if they needed the back page of the labels (the waxy piece where the labels are peeled from). Sure enough, they were just going to go into recycling, so I took them home.

My face lit up as I came home with a stack of this wax paper. Note that these were only waxy on one side.

Like many crafters, I have quite a stationery collection at home. I have a couple of empty A6-sized binders that have been sitting there for a few years now.

Hanson was delighted to see that I was finally putting them to use.

DIY Reusable Sticker Book / Sticker Album with Recycled Material

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What You Need / Materials

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DIY Sticker Book

First, I folded them in half (lengthwise) and trimmed the open ends of the folded sheet to the size I needed (B6). That way, the folded side will be intact.

DIY Reusable Sticker Book / Sticker Album with Recycled Material

I then marked where I needed to punch the holes and used a regular 3-hole puncher to punch 6 holes on the open side of the folded pages. That way, the "open ends" of the folded piece of paper will be closest to the binding and you will end up with both sides of the pages being usable sticker pages.

DIY Reusable Sticker Book / Sticker Album with Recycled Material

Put them in your A6 binder and you have your very own reusable sticker book - AND double-sided waxy sticker sheets! BB is having so much fun with her sticker book and she doesn't have to deal with ripped/ruined stickers anymore!

DIY Reusable Sticker Book / Sticker Album with Recycled Material

DIY Reusable Sticker Book / Sticker Album with Recycled Material

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