The Most Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns

| Original: May 24, 2018

The Velvet Acorn Designs
Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

Unicorns are the symbolism of every happy dream that we've ever dreamt and tried to wish into reality. They are also used to define people and things that are exquisite, rare, and desirable. It's a term that covers everything we want to be and/or want to have in life.

As Britney S. Pierce (from Glee) puts it: A unicorn is someone who knows they're magical and isn't afraid to show it.

Our children are unicorns and unique in their own ways. So let's add a bit of creativity and imagination back into our lives with these magical unicorn crochet patterns.

Here is a collection of the most adorable unicorn crochet patterns on the Internet. Most of them are free, but I've added a couple of paid patterns at the end because they are just too fun and magical to pass up.

Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn by One Dog Woof

My mom actually made this one for me for my baby shower 3 years ago! I tell my kiddos that it's an heirloom piece and to be enjoyed by the eyes and not to be played with because I don't want them to ruin it! This one will always remain a special piece because my mom, my kids' grandma, made it for them.

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: One Dog Woof)

Jazzy the Unicorn by Jess Huff

I came across this free pattern on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with how adorable this unicorn is, yet it was my first time stumbling upon Jess Huff's blog. Jess has a bunch of other free patterns on her blog. Go check it out!

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: Jess Huff)

Crochet Unicorn by The Friendly Red Fox

This is another endearing amigurumi unicorn that is available for free from The Friendly Red Fox. The floral crown makes her look especially girly.

Lil' Fluffy Unicorn by Little Yarn Friends

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!! Despicable Me, anyone? This little fluffy unicorn that Agnes won at the fair with Gru can be yours now too! Something about this crazy-looking unicorn that makes your heart melt when you look at him.

Lucy's Crochet Unicorn by 5 Little Monsters

Lucy is such a lucky girl to have this unicorn created just for her. This unicorn is another one of those snuggly-looking amigurumi. This unicorn would make a perfect gift for little ones who want a unicorn to cuddle to sleep.

Unicorn Kawaii Cuddler by 3amgracedesigns

I'm surprised by the detail in this kawaii cuddler design. It would make a great addition to your child's room, nursery, or a simply adorable baby shower gift.

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: 3amgracedesigns)

Ragdoll Unicorn by Spin a Yarn Crochet

Ragdolls seem to be pretty popular crochet projects as I've been seeing them pop up quite frequently on Pinterest lately. I have yet to make one myself but this unicorn reminds me of Inside Out's Rainbow Unicorn, the actress from Dream Productions.

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: Spin a Yarn)

Always wanted to be a unicorn? by Inkugurumi

If you're not interested in having a pet unicorn but to be a unicorn yourself, try out this pattern! This cute floral-decorated headband will surely make heads turn and transform you into a lovable unicorn.

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: Inkugurumi)

Crochet Unicorn Hat by Repeat Crafter Me

Winter's coming? Here's another crochet pattern that can turn you into a charming unicorn. This hat would be perfect for some whimsical photoshoots.

Unicorn Hood by Busting Stitches

I've seen this photo floating around on Pinterest for a while now. I love how comfy this hood looks. I honestly can't believe that this one is a free pattern. I would love to make one, except my children are too young to appreciate it right now. Would I look too silly if I wore this around Vancouver City?

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: Busting Stitches)

Paid Patterns:

Depending on your philosophy, I often go for the free patterns, but I mean, if it is extremely irreplaceable and there's no other like it out there, I would be willing to spend the money to buy it. Of course, this also helps support the designer as well. So here are the paid adorable unicorn patterns that I love!

This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing items through these links will not cost you any extra money. Please see our disclosure policy for more details.

Hugo the Baby Unicorn by A Morning Cup of Jo

This is actually the very first crochet pattern that I ever bought. I love all of A Morning Cup of Jo's creations and had been following her work on Instagram and her blog for a while. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like she is writing patterns anymore because her blog has not been updated since 2013. Anyhow, you can still buy this pattern from her Etsy store.

Piem the Horse and Emmie the Unicorn by MyKrissieDolls

Piem the Horse is a paid pattern, but as you can see from the photo, he is easily transformed into a zebra and a unicorn. Once you buy the pattern for Piem the Horse, you can find the free pattern modification to turn it into Emmie the Unicorn here.

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: MyKrissieDolls)

The Ulyne Unicorn Hooded Scarf by The Velvet Acorn

This beautiful unicorn hooded scarf looks so cozy. I love how it even has pockets to keep your hands warm during the winter. And if you're more comfortable with knitting, The Velvet Acorn has a knitted version of this scarf as well!

Peachy Rose the Unicorn by Pepika

This little unicorn looks kinda sad but so cute at the same time. Whatever is bothering it, I just want to go up to it and make all her problems go away!

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: Pepika)

Crochet Unicorn by Mostly Stitchin'

Look at that sweet sweet face on this unicorn. The creator of this unicorn purposely created this unicorn with those dreamy/sleepy eyes that make her look even sweeter and more charming.

15 Adorable Unicorn Crochet Patterns
(Credit: Mostly Stitchin')

With all these beautiful unicorn creations for inspiration, which one are you going to make next?

If you have a unicorn crochet pattern that I should see, let me know in the comments below!

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