10 Things About Me

| Original: May 28, 2018

10 Things About Me
I got nominated by the lovely Jasmine from Sweet Softies to do a challenge and come up with 10 things about myself. I mostly treat my blog as a journal for all my craft projects, but I do enjoy sharing about myself from time to time. I'm just always afraid that nobody would be interested in reading it.

Coming up with this list was actually harder than I thought. I was glad that I was able to stop at 10 because I honestly could not think of any more. So... here we go!

1. I work as a Registered Nurse.

Since graduation, I have been working as a pediatric nurse. I love working with kids and for the most part, I don't mind the shift work.

However, after having babies, I often feel I am missing out on a lot of family time on the weekends. After my current maternity leave, I will be starting a new job as a chemo/cancer nurse working Mondays to Fridays.

I will miss working with the kids, but I am very excited about all the new challenges that come with the new job.

10 Things About Me

2. I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science.

Yes, I'm a geek. Right out of high school, I went to university to study computer science. I loved computers at the time, but more so as a hobby than as a career.

I knew I didn't really want to work in computers by the second year, but didn't know what I wanted to do instead.

By the time I figured I wanted to do nursing, I was more than halfway through my program, so my mom convinced me to finish what I'd started so I have something to fall back on in case nursing doesn't work out.

3. My mom taught me how to crochet.

Shortly after my mom was diagnosed with cancer in late 2013, I asked her to teach me how to crochet. We both enjoy crafting.

It's basically in our blood. This was just another way for us to bond and spend more time with each other. Of all the crafts I've done, crochet stuck with me the longest. I love how calm it makes me feel and most of all, how it reminds me of my mom when I do it.

Fun fact: my mom crocheted more than 200 mini baskets as wedding favors for her wedding back in the 1980s.

4. I love my car.

I drive a MINI Cooper S, and I absolutely love my car. I decided to name it "Sheldon" after Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.

I wanted my first car to be a MINI because my mom's first car was also a MINI! It's not easy driving a 2-door car with 2 kids, but as long as Mui Mui can still fit in her infant car seat, then I can still drive both of my kids in my car.

10 Things About Me

5. I have a tattoo.

When my mom passed away, I found some comfort from many of the Winnie the Pooh quotes. So shortly after her passing, I went through what some people call, "a midlife crisis". I chopped off all my hair and got a tattoo. The symbolism is pretty obvious with this one.

10 Things About Me

6. I hated being pregnant.

If I could describe my pregnancy in two words, it would be "nausea" and "vomiting". I was extremely sick during both of my pregnancies -- I couldn't be more miserable. The morning sickness lasted through all 9 months. I didn't get better until after delivering the babies.

7. I used to work at the Apple Store. 

During nursing school, I held a part-time position as a Specialist at the Apple Store selling Apple products. I was already a Mac user at the time, so no need to try to convert me. The people I worked with are some of the most wonderful people I've met. I had the most memorable time working there.

8. I hate dolls.

Ever since I can remember, I hated Barbies and baby dolls. I can't stand the smell of plastic and they've always creeped me out. I am, however, OK with plush dolls and stuffed animals.

Just something about the plastic ones that brings me goosebumps even when I think about it. I'd love to, on the other hand, try my hands at crocheting dolls in the near future!

9. I have a thing for Wolverine. 

But only the Hugh Jackman version, not so much the cartoon version who's dressed in yellow/blue tights. I didn't use to care for any of the Marvel movies.

However, Hanson got me hooked pretty quickly. I think Wolverine/Logan's NFG attitude makes him particularly charming. So yeah... I added him to my "list" 😉.

10 Things About Me

10. I like numbers divisible by FIVE.

This one is kind of random. I have an affinity for numbers divisible by 5. I'm not sure where this came from but it's almost OCD.

For example, when creating my Minnie Mouse sweater, I wanted the ribbing to be 15 stitches in width. I ended up frogging it once or twice because I end up with 14 stitches or something.

I remember my mom asking me, "why does it matter if it's 14 stitches or 15 stitches when you don't have a pattern?" And then I replied, "it's because I like the number 15. It's divisible by 5."

I hope you had fun reading a little bit more about me. I'd love to get to know more about my readers. So drop me a line and let me know something about YOU!

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