Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier

| Original: April 25, 2018

Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier (Vancouver)
I rarely buy from Groupon and because of that, Groupon always sends me coupon codes for additional discounts. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to finally take a look when they decided to give me 90% off (up to $30) last month. I jumped at the chance and decided to go for the Terrarium and Picture Pendant Craft Class.

Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier (Vancouver)

So that morning, I left Mui Mui with my in-laws and headed off to my very first craft class at Soigne Atelier. I got there a little early, so I got to take a look at all their displays inside the room while waiting for everyone else in the class to roll in. 

The first thing I noticed was that they sell completed necklaces for a fraction of the price of the workshops. So if you are interested in handmade, but not interested in making them yourself, then these might be for you.

Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier (Vancouver)

Beata Kacy was our workshop teacher. Right off the bat, she let us know that she does not move on from one step of the workshop to the next until everyone has completed that step. That way, nobody gets left behind. 

Not just that, but it also puts pressure on some of us who are indecisive to make up our minds quickly. Obviously, that did the trick because our class ended up finishing both of our necklaces in a record time of 60 minutes rather than the allocated time of 90 minutes!

Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier (Vancouver)
These are origami cranes made from silver clay -- also a workshop they offer at their studio.

We made two necklaces in the workshop, but let me tell you now that the terrarium pendant is really what you're after. The pictured pendant, while neat, is not really anything to write home about.

At each station, there was a small plastic box that holds your glass bubble pendant and a pair of tweezers. On the side, there sits a cap for the pendant, a jump ring, and a bronze chain. 

Beata lead us to the room behind the one we were in and that's when I realized that the studio is a lot bigger than it portrayed itself to be. In the backroom, we collected all the thingamabobs to go in our terrarium (colored sand, tiny seashells, mini starfish, colored moss, tiny glass pieces, etc.), and then we went back to the classroom to assemble it.

Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier (Vancouver)

The assembly part was easy. The hard part was trying not to keep poking it and trying to make the placements as perfect as possible. There's just no way. 

What you have to keep in mind is that everything is loose in there, no matter how you place them now, it won't look the same by the time you get it back home.

Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier (Vancouver)

When I got a chance to show BB that evening she came home from school, she quickly claimed it as her own. What's not to love? She thinks the moss is coral, and there's a starfish in there!

I love the terrarium pendant and would love to make more as gifts in the future. The class at Soigne was very fun and enjoyable. I hope that I will get to go back soon to try out more classes!

Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier (Vancouver)

Terrarium Pendant Workshop at Soigne Atelier (Vancouver)

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