How to Invisible Increase in Crochet

| Original: March 31, 2023

Increases (inc) are a common skill/technique in crochet. Typically, an increase means that you work two stitches into the same stitch.

However, when there are two stitches worked into the same stitch, you may end up with an unsightly larger hole. If this bothers you, you may want to consider trying the invisible increase technique.

Single crochet increase can leave unsightly holes because it goes through both front and back loops
Regular Single Crochet Increase

The invisible increase technique still works two crochet stitches into the same stitch, but we change it up by working one of them in the back loop before working the second stitch in both of the loops.

Invisible Single Crochet Increase
Invisible Single Crochet Increase

This technique would also work if you choose to work the first crochet stitch in the back loop and then work the second stitch into both of the loops.

This helps distribute the stitches by putting one in front of the other making it look more like one stitch.

This method will come in handy when you want the increase to be less visible. However, it will appear different on the wrong side of the fabric as compared to the traditional increase.

How to Single Crochet Invisible Increase

1. Insert the hook into the front loop of the stitch

Crochet Invisible Increase - Insert hook into front loop of the stitch

2. Make a crochet stitch in the front loop only.

Crochet Invisible Increase - Make a stitch into the front loop of the stitch

3. Insert the hook into both loops of the stitch

Crochet Invisible Increase - Insert hook into both loops of the stitch

4. Make a crochet stitch into both the front and back loop.

Crochet Invisible Increase - make a stitch into both loops of the stitch

I hope this technique will help you in your future amigurumi makes! Cheerios!

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