What I Want for Mother's Day

| Original: April 15, 2021

A few weeks ago Etsy sent out an email asking if I'd like to opt-out of receiving Mother's Day emails. They recognize that Mother's Day can be a difficult time for some people.

Some people might have recently lost their mother, or don't have a very good relationship with their mother. Others can be going through infertility and/or miscarriages and would just rather not be reminded of the Hallmark holiday.

Having lost my mother a few years ago, I really appreciated the gesture.

However, being a mother of two kids, I couldn't help myself and hopped onto Etsy soon after receiving the email to see what they'd got.

I'm a sucker when it comes to handmade jewelry. There's something about getting a piece of jewelry that was handcrafted especially for you.

I just wanted to share with you some of the pieces that I found on Etsy that I absolutely love and would not-so-secretly want to receive for Mother's Day. *hint hint nudge nudge* 🙄

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So even though this post has nothing to do with my typical love for yarn and crochet, I wanted to be able to share with you some of my latest Etsy favorites.

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What I want for Mother's Day - Etsy Wish List

Custom Engraved Minimalist Name Ring

Custom Engraved Minimalist Name Ring

These simple yet elegant wrap-around rings can be personalized with your name, your kids' names, their birthdays, or a simple "mama bear".

They're perfect for the minimalist style. They are perfect if you want to proudly wear and display your children's names. 

Mama Bear Bar Necklace

Mama Bear Bar Necklace

I've had a necklace similar to the one above in rose gold for years. These beautiful hand-stamped bar necklaces have an outline of a mama bear followed by her baby bears.

If you prefer something a little more subtle without words, I highly recommend these!

Personalized Birth Flower Necklace

Personalized Birth Flower Engraved Necklace

I typically love the use of symbols rather than words or letters. I love the subtleness and the beauty behind these. You can have a birth flower engraved metal pendant for each of your babies. As long as you know what their names are, nobody else really needs to know.

Handstamped Trees and Mountain Bar Necklace

Hand stamped Nature Mountain Bar Necklace

This one doesn't have to be for mothers, but I just really liked this one. The lovely scenery of mountains and trees that are hand-stamped onto this bar pendant is just so beautiful.

There's a quote that I found that says: "Let them sleep for when they wake, they will move mountains". Pairing this quote with this necklace would make a wonderful gift for new mothers.

Modular "Imprint of Nature" Jewelry Box

Handmade Modular Glass Jewelry Box

I came across these hand-engraved glass jewelry boxes on Etsy. They're so beautiful I couldn't resist sharing them! The listing is for only one of these boxes, but they're part of a bigger collection called "Imprint of Nature". 

The triangular jewelry boxes are modular. You can put them together or keep them separated. I loved the dandelion, but the more I look at them, the more I want all of them!

Personalized Mama in Nature Handstamped Necklace

Personalized Mama in Nature Hand Stamped Necklace

I have a soft spot for hand-stamped jewelry. None of them ever come out looking the same, but that's what makes them so unique. These meaningful custom necklaces help recognize moms of babies in heaven. 

You can personalize this family necklace with some adult trees and children trees that represent your family, along with little stars to represent any infant loss/miscarriages. Because moms of babies in heaven are moms too 💙.

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