12 FREE Easter Crochet Patterns of 2023

| Original: March 12, 2021

Spring break is here and it's time to work on those colorful spring crochet projects. With Easter just around the corner, is your home Easter-ready?

I've gathered a number of quick, last-minute, beautiful, easy, and most importantly, FREE Easter crochet patterns to share with you all!

These crochet projects are so cute, you're going to want to make at least one of every one of them!

Are you participating at your local spring craft fair or spring market? Many of the Easter crochet patterns listed below are fast and easy to make.

Quick and eye-catching finished crochet items are great for craft fairs. Cute handmade items like the crocheted ones below sure bring crowds to your table!

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Free Easter Crochet Patterns

Amigurumi Rabbit with Carrot

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit with Carrot

This little cute amigurumi bunny with her carrot will surely bring a smile to your face when it's sitting among your Easter decorations. Look how happy she is with her treat!

Classic Amigurumi Bunny

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Classic Amigurumi Bunny

This classic amigurumi bunny is the one that started it all. She was one of my very first crochet designs and my very first attempt at writing crochet patterns. If you are looking for a beginner amigurumi crochet pattern, then give this classic amigurumi bunny a try!

Some Bunny in the Hood Amigurumi Pattern

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi Hoodie Bunny

We can't get enough amigurumi bunnies! Over and over again, Some Bunny in the Hood has proven to be my most popular crochet pattern on the blog. This little bunny loves to live in his hoodie. Who isn't into the hoodie way of life? 

Crochet Carrot Easter Egg Cozy

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Carrot Egg Cozy

Painting Easter eggs leave such a mess, crocheting Easter egg cozies to make them more colorful is so much more fun! These carrot Easter egg cozies are the perfect size to fit plastic Easter eggs or real eggs. They're designed with a drawstring closure so you can also use them as a drawstring pouch after Easter!

Spring Bunny Crochet Wreath

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi Bunny Wreath

Can you believe that this amazing Easter wreath is a free crochet pattern? Spring has arrived! Wreaths are not just for Christmas. This bunny wreath looks might just be the finishing touches to your Easter decorations!

Easter Bunny Amigurumi Eggs

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Bunny Easter Eggs

I love it when there are mess-free Easter egg options like this one. You can't have Easter without Easter eggs. What's better than bunnies and Easter eggs? How about an amigurumi bunny Easter egg! These crochet bunny eggs will for sure brighten up your space!

Chocolate Bunny Crochet Pattern

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Chocolate Bunny

You can't have Easter without chocolate. What's better than a calorie-free chocolate Easter bunny FREE crochet pattern? Add a chocolate-flavored tea bag to it and have it smell like chocolate throughout the season!

Easter Egg Lamb Hat

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Easter Egg Cozy

Awww.... Look at this cute lamb hat egg cozy for your eggs! This is another lovely mess-free way to decorate your Easter eggs and get your home ready for the Spring season! The crochet puff stitches make this little lamb look so fluffy!

Embroidered Crochet Easter Eggs

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - embroidered easter eggs

If you're more into a classy look for Easter, try out some of these embroidered crochet Easter eggs. They are immaculate for a classic and traditional Easter. These crocheted easter eggs are beautifully embroidered with flowers. Just imagine the possibilities!

Bunny Bowl

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - bunny bowl

Oh no! Has the Easter bunny come to attack your vegetable garden? This adorable and free crochet pattern for a bunny bowl with a bunny bum sticking out of your carrot garden is sure to bring a grin to your face!

Classic Easter Basket

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Classic Easter Basket

There are so many crochet Easter basket ideas, but I still like the traditional pastel-striped ones the most. If you check out this free crochet pattern, you'll notice that the design is very clever. The crochet designer incorporated plastic canvas within this crochet Easter basket to help it hold its shape!

Bunny Ear Headband

Free Easter Crochet Pattern - Bunny Ears

Have I told you that BB loves bunnies? She has been asking for a bunny costume so she can dress up like her stuffed bunny and be twins. These beautifully constructed crochet Easter bunny ears look like they'll do the job just fine! And you can make pair of these bunny ears yourself with this free crochet pattern!

Are you making anything for Easter? If you have any kind of fun and cool Easter crafts, please share them with me so I can add them to my Easter Crafts Pinterest board!

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