Fiber Artist's Christmas Holiday Wish List

| Original: November 25, 2020

I have a wonderful group of yarn friends who we've dubbed "The Wonder Woolmen". We talk almost daily about literally everything: crochet, crafts, food, TV, work, kids, and LIFE!

Last year, we did a Secret Santa gift exchange which was extremely fun and successful, so we decided to do another one this year!

The excitement of receiving a mystery package in the mail is just so exciting! Last year I received some beautiful sheep stitch markers and a skein of hand-dyed cotton yarn.

We try to shop small and where else to support small businesses and artisans than on Etsy, which is one of the largest marketplaces for handmade goods. I found some really neat stuff, so I thought I would do a blog post to share some of my finds!

We try to keep the spending to a reasonable amount. If you are looking for a gift for your Secret Santa gift this year, check out Etsy's Gift Guide for Gifts under $30!

If you are shopping for a crafter/yarn lover this Christmas, check out some of the really neat stuff that I found below!

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Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

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Crochet Terrarium Pendant Necklace

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

I've never been into dolls or anything, but it seems like I love all things miniature. I actually found CrochetKnitJewelry a few years ago and thought these yarn terrarium pendant necklaces to be super adorable, especially that itty bitty crochet hook! Make sure to check out this endearing necklace.

Christmas Lights Sugar Cookie Stitch Markers

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

WhimsynSassy has some really cute stitch markers in her shop. Many of them are in the form of sugar cookies made using polymer clay. The one shown here is just one of the many different sugar cookies she offers. She also offers macarons, other sweets, cupcakes, donuts, etc. Find these yummy stitch markers on Etsy.

Toilet Paper Stitch Marker

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

Ahh... what else says 2020 than the crazy toilet paper hoarding that happened at the beginning of this year. Thinking about it still made me laugh. This charm doesn't advertise itself as a stitch marker, but it has the same lobster clasp as some other stitch markers that I've found. Make 2020 unforgettable with this stitch marker here.

Face Mask Stitch Markers

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

Oh, and of course, the face masks. Another 2020 staple. Can't leave the house without these. Now, my must-bring list of items before I leave the house are keys, a wallet, a cellphone, and a MASK. You can this set of stitch markers here.

Yarn Crafter's Face Mask

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

Speaking of masks, don't forget to include one of these bad boys in your stocking stuffers this year. Don't forget your mask when going out, otherwise, you're not going anywhere! I want this pandemic to end as much as the next person, so let's all do our part and just wear the mask. Get your reusable handmade mask here now.

Pineapple Yarn Bowl

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

I searched up yarn bowls, then came across beautiful wooden yarn bowls and unicorn yarn bowls, but then this one... OMG! Who doesn't want a golden pineapple yarn bowl in their home?! This is a home decor piece that is beautiful AND practical! Check it out here.

Crochet Me Something Necklace

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

wearthou makes some amazing pieces of jewelry that are catered to those who love crafting. This handmade piece of jewelry is so beautiful and delicate. It's made with 100% sterling silver and allows all crocheters to show off their love for the craft in a subtle, yet elegant way. Purchase it here.

Row Counter Pin

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

I've been eyeing these row counter pins from TwillandPrint. I even posted about it once when I was obsessing over enamel pins earlier this year. I love all things that are beautiful and practical! You can find some beautiful pins, progress keepers, and row counters here.

The Original Crochet Rings

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

I've experienced yarn burn in the past from holding my yarn too tight or when I was trying to crochet jute string one time. I think this is where a ring like this would come in handy. I would definitely love to give it a try one day. Again, another beautiful and practical gift. You can find this lovely gift here.

Craft Artisan Tool Kit

Yarn Lover (Crocheter and Knitter) Christmas Holiday Wish List

This is a beautiful vintage-style craft tool kit that comes in the colors silver or rose bronze. The toolkit includes a pair of scissors, a thimble, a needle case, an awl, and a blunt large needle for weaving in the ends. You also have the option of adding a herringbone straw pouch to hold all your tools. You can find this vintage artisan tool kit here.

Are you looking for something handmade and local? Don't forget to check out some of Etsy's Holiday Gift Guides while shopping.

Did you find anything neat or worth sharing on Etsy? I'd love to see it! Please share it with me on Instagram and/or use the #onceuponacheerio hashtag. Or send me an email to let me know!

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