BB's First Haircut!

| Original: October 22, 2018

BB was born with a head full of hair! I don't think I've ever seen so much hair on a newborn before. It was funny because she was born with a little patch of blonde/light brown right on the top of her head.

For the longest time, I didn't want to cut her hair because of that. Then as her hair grew, the older hair must have fallen out because the patch of blond/light brown hair was no longer to be seen.

She didn't seem to care for her long hair for the most part. I find her brushing it away from her face all the time. It seemed more like a nuisance to her than anything. It also became somewhat of a hazard when Mui Mui came around because she would pull on BB's hair and make her cry.

Hanson and I have been talking for months about getting BB a haircut. When we ask her whether she would like a haircut, she often agrees and says yes.

Then Hanson and I would look at each other wondering whether she actually understood if she understood what a haircut was.

Baby's First Haircut on Global TV

About a month ago, while watching TV, I saw that GlobalBC was doing a hair donation drive for the Canadian Cancer Society and Wigs for Kids. I thought that it would be such a memorable first haircut for BB if she could donate her hair and appear on TV! So I proceeded to email them and luckily got accepted!

When the date crept closer, I started to worry that BB might freak out on live TV when she realizes that she can't reattach her hair after it's been cut. Luckily, she was more cooperative than I thought (with some candy as bribery to sit still).

Baby's First Haircut on Global TV

She was really shy when the cameras came around and they did short interviews with everyone, so they allowed her some privacy. Once the cameras were gone, she warmed up to Sonia Sunger (who is the host of the morning news) and even shared her loveys/security blankets with her. By the way, Sonia Sunger is just as beautiful in person as she is on Camera!

Baby's First Haircut on Global TV

This year, they had 120 participants for the GlobalBC hair donation drive and BB was their youngest participant. Because there were so many people, it was obvious that they couldn't cut and style everyone's hair.

Her hair was a bit uneven, so I trimmed it a bit more when we got back home. It's my first time cutting someone's hair (besides shaving the hair off the back of Hanson's neck). I thought I did a pretty good job!

Baby's First Haircut on Global TV

Baby's First Haircut on Global TV

BB looks super cute and when I compliment her on her new look, she often responded by saying that her hair looks like mine! It's so heartwarming to see how much she loves her new haircut because she thinks she looks like me. 💕

Baby's First Haircut on Global TV

I have made hair donations in the past as well and am so pleased that BB was able to do the same for her first haircut. This whole experience made a very memorable and special first haircut.

I hope she will look back one day and feel as proud of herself for this moment as I did!

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