Hello World!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Hello World!

Hello! Welcome to my blog, and welcome to my first blog post!

First, let me introduce myself: My name is Juli. I'm a wife of a loving husband (Hanson), and a mother of two wonderful little girls (BB and Mui Mui). I've loved crafting ever since I was a kid but time was a scarce resource through university. I didn't rediscover my passion for arts and crafts until shortly after I got married in 2013.

My first exposure to amigurumi was through a gift that Hanson and I received for our wedding. It was an adorable set of crocheted bunnies in wedding attire. For those that don't know, "amigurumi" is known as the Japanese art of knitting/crocheting small stuffed yarn creatures. I became obsessed with these yarn crafts and soon learned the basics of crocheting from my mom, who also happens to be very crafty.

Amigurumi Wedding Bunnies

I'm not one to start off slow with beginner projects. So I dived right in and started crocheting my very first amigurumi using All About Ami's Spring Bunny free pattern available on her blog. I even went and made some modifications here and there. Here is a picture of my first amigurumi:

Amigurumi Bunny

Since then, I have created more bunnies and different bunnies:

Amigurumi Buzz Lightyear Bunny and Hoodie Bunny

Crocheting is only one of my many crafting interests. I don't even know where to start. I basically love anything and everything that has to do with arts and crafts. This includes paper crafts, beads and crafts, baking (if you can count this as a craft), repurposing/upcycling, etc. I get a great sense of satisfaction from making something out of nothing.

At one point, my dream was to open up my own Etsy store and share my passion and creations with the world. I thought to myself, one year of maternity leave ahead of me? That's plenty of time! How foolish of me. That first year with a baby flew by so fast, and before I knew it, I needed to head back to work again.
Once Upon a Cheerio
I think my goal/dream might have changed around the start of my second maternity leave. Since being a mom, I find myself crafting mostly for my children. I'm not even sure if I will be able to sustain an Etsy store given this busy life as a mother of two. So, I decided to start a blog and share my crafts and ideas this way instead.

I became quiet on Instagram while working on this secretive blog project for the last few months for several reasons. First, I wanted to make sure I had enough content to make it worthwhile to start a blog. Second, I wanted to acquire this domain ( This is my first time owning a domain, which makes me super excited. The domain name was initially registered, but unused. I was very fortunate that the guy who originally owned this domain decided not to renew it. It was a long wait for the registrar to finally release it and make it publicly available again, but well worth the wait. Thank you for reading my very first blog post, and I hope you continue to share my blogging journey with me.

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