Top 10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials
If a picture may be worth a thousand words, then what are a thousand pictures worth?

Letter boards have been popping up all over Instagram! It has become one of the trendiest props for social media photos, particularly Instagram. It didn't occur to me how cute and functional it is until I started noticing more and more people using them.

I want to jump on this bandwagon and join the fun. However, when I look at buying a letter board online, they average about $30 and up. With my budget, I just can't justify that at this time. I think a lot of people would agree with me given how many DIY tutorials for letter boards there are out there on the Internet. And today, I will share with you a roundup of some of the best DIY letter board tutorials out there!

1) Apartment Therapy: How to Make a DIY Vintage Style Felt Message Board

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials
(Credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apartment Therapy is a fun blog that I have come across multiple times in the last few years when googling for DIY tutorials. And this time, it's no different. They don't disappoint and have a vast collection of inspiring DIY projects. This vintage-style letter board is created by first, lining up and glueing down wooden dowels on a frame, and then using a thin ruler to tuck the felt between each dowel to create slots for store-bought letter board letters be placed.

2) Treasures & Travels: DIY Letter Board

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials

Treasures and Travels is a blog I've recently discovered written by two Vancouverite sisters. I might have to call them up for coffee sometime so we can DIY stuff together. Similar to Apartment Therapy, Treasures and Travels also start by glueing down wooden dowels and then pressing the felt in between them to create the slots for the letters. The main difference is that Treasures and Travels made their letter board using pink felt instead of black, so if you would like to see clearer pictures of the DIY process, this would be the tutorial to go to.

3) Settling in Sawdust: Vintage Letterboard DIY

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials

Settling in Sawdust also used wooden dowels for her DIY vintage letter board. The difference is that her felt was cut into little strips and wrapped and glued around each dowel so you don't have to try to wedge the felt between each dowel. This method may look more even than glueing down the wooden dowels first, but the process seems a bit tedious for my taste.

4) i should be mopping the floor: DIY Letter Board

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials

I Should be Mopping the Floor is probably one of the neatest blog names I've ever come across. This fun DIY blog also has a tutorial for creating your own letter board that is similar to the method above. However, instead of using wooden dowels, she used BBQ skewers. I thought this is very smart because wooden dowels don't come cheap, at least not from what I've seen and the whole point for DIY-ing a letter board is to save money.

5) Smart Fun DIY: DIY Felt Letter Board

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials
(Credit: Smart Fun DIY)

This DIY letter board by Smart Fun DIY is one of the first letter board DIYs I've come across on Pinterest. Look at all the neat colours! The unique thing about this DIY letter board is that it does not use any wooden dowels. However, you need a lot of felt. And I mean a LOT of felt. The felt is cut into little strips and then packed into a frame until it doesn't fall out, so you can imagine how much felt you will buy and cut.

6) Life Storage: How to Make a Felt Letter Board for Under $10

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials
(Credit: Life Storage)

Life Storage's letter board is probably one of the most economical and quickest DIY letter boards I've come across. If you read her blog post, she agrees with me in regards to how expensive letter boards can be. Heck, even a pack of those letters can run above $10 each. Life Storage found that iron-on letters naturally stick to felt without the need to actually iron it on. So this is literally a felt board with some "sticky" letters.

7) Agustin Flowalistik: DIY Letter Board - Only 3D Printed Parts!

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials

Not everyone has a 3D printer, but they are becoming more affordable nowadays. Although, I wouldn't buy a 3D printer just to make myself a letter board. If that were the case, you might as well go and actually buy a letter board. However, if you are one of the lucky ones that have access to a 3D printer, give your hand a try at this 3D printed letter board! Agustin Flowalistik even provides you with the 3D printing files for FREE!

8) Alejandra's Style: DIY LETTER BOARD

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials

Here's another YouTube video on how to make a DIY letter board. This letter board is in the style of a light box. So if you're into that, Alejandra's your girl and this may be the tutorial you are looking for!

9) Club Crafted: DIY Ombre Letterboard

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials
(Credit: Club Crafted)

This is another one of those DIY letter board tutorials that involve glueing down dowels and then pushing a sheet of felt between them. But I thought I would add this DIY letter board tutorial by Club Crafted anyway because it shows you how to change colours for your felt, or what to do if you made a booboo and cut your felt too short to cover your whole letter board.

10) Handmade Charlotte: Mini Letter Board Invitations

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials
(Credit: Handmade Charlotte)

These adorable DIY mini letter boards made by Handmade Charlotte is one of my first exposures to this vintage letter board revolution. While the letters on these mini letter board invitations are not interchangeable, they are too cute to not include in this collection of DIY letter boards.

11) UPDATE BONUS from ME: Crochet This Letter Board 

This is a craft blog with a huge focus on crochet after all. Check out my tutorial on how to Crochet This Letter Board! You read it right -- CROCHET letter board.

If you have any other ideas for DIY letter boards, please share it with me! In the meantime, don't forget to pin this post to make one of these babies for yourself in the future!

10 DIY Letter Board Tutorials