4Cats Arts Studio Whale Clay Workshop

My 30th birthday was extremely close to my due date with Tracy, so I didn't have anything planned other than to wait at home for contractions to start. However, my best friend Janice decided that turning 30 was a big milestone that must be celebrated. She surprised me by taking me out to 4Cats Arts Studio in Kerrisdale (Vancouver)! An evening without chores and a toddler dragging me from room to room to jump on the bed was a good evening indeed.

Our workshop/class consisted of 7 people, and we were making their whale succulent planters with clay. It was very appropriate as I felt like a whale given that I was literally 40 weeks pregnant at the time. The above photos are photos from the 4Cats Arts Studio website.

4 Cats Arts Studio in Kerrisdale

The workshop was extremely fun. I had really high expectations of myself and wanted my whale to come out looking perfect. But at the end of the day, that's being unrealistic. Especially since it's my first time working with clay.

When shaping the clay for the body, we used a template that was given to us by the studio. But for some reason, all of our whales end up looking much taller than their sample. Everyone's whale had their own characteristics. Nobody's whale looks the same, and that's what makes it unique.

The whole workshop was approximately 90 minutes. The class started off at a good pace, but it ended up being very rushed at the end. We literally only had 2 minutes to paint our whales, and we didn't get to add on the belly details like the one they showed in their sample.

If you do happen to go to one of 4Cats workshops, here's a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. Wear clothes that you won't mind getting dirty, and even if you do get dirty, it's no big deal. The clay washes off. However, the paint you use to paint your clay may not be as easy to wash off though. 
  2. Be kind to yourself (and to others). Your creation is not likely to come out looking like the sample one you see at the workshop, and it really shouldn't need to because it's supposed to be YOUR creation.
  3. You won't be able to bring your creation home right away. It needs to dry, and then they need to fire it up in the kiln. They say it should be ready in about 2-4 weeks.
Here are the pictures of our final product!

Thank you so much, Janice for bringing me to 4Cats Arts Studio for such a fantastic evening of fun! I can't wait to go back for another fun-filled workshop soon!

I was so in love with this place, I almost took their apron home!