I love crocheting continuous rounds when I crochet amigurumi so that there is no visible seam. However, because there's no seam, it's hard to know where the start of the round is. This is where the running stitch marker comes in handy.

You can use regular stitch markers when crocheting in spiraled rounds and move them each time you start a new round, but you would only be keeping track of the beginning of the current round. If you notice a mistake a few rounds back and need to take it apart, you could easily lose your place.

How to use a running stitch marker in crochet
Have you ever heard of Disneybounding? Disneybounding is a growing trend among Disney fans that involves dressing up in outfits inspired by their favorite Disney characters, without wearing actual costumes.

Why do people Disneybound?

This trend is particularly popular among Disney adult fans in Disney Parks because the park has a dress code that states that guests ages 14 and up are not allowed to wear costumes in the park. Disneybounding was a way for Disney adult fans to express their creativity while still adhering to the theme park's dress code.

And when you want to bring up the creativity notch one more level, let's try making our own Disneybounding pieces by crocheting them! I've been taking subtle elements of my favorite Disney characters and turning them into what I imagined would be if they were living in the real world now.

Disneybound Crochet Free Patterns
About a month ago, Makeblock reached out to me and asked if I was interested in reviewing their latest product. So here I am, introducing the world's first laser and blade-cutting machine: the xTool M1.

This post is a bit different from what I normally share on my blog, but I'm very excited about it and I hope you are too because the xTool M1 is really COOL!

xTool M1 Review

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