"But someone who crochets for a hobby isn't a worthy adversary"
-- Wednesday Addams
That's what she thinks when the truth is that more than half of us are actually crocheting to keep ourselves from choking people.

To be honest though, as someone whose main hobby is crocheting, I am unquestionably not worthy of being an adversary to Wednesday Addams. She'd kick my butt in 2 seconds -- I wouldn't even need piranhas!

Wednesday Addams Crochet Patterns
So I recently came across this crochet sweater with just sleeves. Yes, you read that right - it's a bodiless sweater. Some call them arm warmers or even arm warmer sweaters (if you can consider them sweaters).

It's a trendy fashion thing that kind of started last year. It might not be for everyone (at first), but I think it's one of those things that the more you see them, the more they grow on you.

I started searching the internet for arm warmer crochet patterns for how to make these arm warmer sweaters. There were a few crochet patterns available at the time of writing this article, but not many. On the other hand, I found a number of YouTube tutorials.

What is an Arm Warmer Sweater?

It's essentially a super-cropped top that includes a neck/collar and long-sleeve arms. Like leg warmers, these were initially used by athletes such as dancers/gymnasts for workouts and warm-ups to help prevent cramping, but have since become a trend.

These bodiless sweaters are just a collar and sleeves. There is normally no torso to this kind of sweater. The collar may vary (i.e. turtlenecks, hoods, etc.). However, the length of these "sleeves-only" sweaters typically stops above the breasts.

How do you wear Super Cropped Tops?

Super-cropped tops are not meant to be worn on their own. Because of the length of these bodiless sweaters, if you wore them alone, you'd be flashing everyone.

They are normally meant to be worn on top of something like a tank top, sports bra, bodysuit, or leotards (if you're a dancer/gymnast). But with that said, you can typically swear them over any sleeveless top/dress.

If you're looking for crochet patterns and tutorials for making your own arm warmer sweater, look no further and below!

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Chenda's Crochet Arm Warmers Sweater Tutorial

Chenda's Crochet Arm Warmers YouTube Tutorial

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