Getting married is a huge commitment, and so is the endeavor to crochet your own wedding dress. While crocheting your wedding dress sounds practically impossible, there have been more than a few brides who have managed to take on that challenge and accomplish that.

Now that the warmer weather is among us in Vancouver, BC, so is the wedding season. Choosing a wedding dress has become part of the wedding experience worth documenting. Just look at the popular reality TV show, "Say Yes to the Dress".

A few years ago, I made an infinity wrap/shawl for my friend who got married. But just imagine how special it would be to make your own wedding dress or when your daughter/granddaughter asks you to make their wedding dress for their big day. That wedding dress would be treasured forever.

Namaste Crochet's Edith Dress (crochet pattern) - Crochet Wedding Dress
I returned home from Disneyland about a month ago, and I have been going through a Disney withdrawal since. I've been watching walkthroughs of the park and listening to music that they normally play on Main Street, USA.

It's incredible what kind of effect Disney Parks have on me.

Disney people are my kind of people. There's something about that place where once you walk through the gates, it's suddenly OK to let your inner child free. In other words, I'm not ashamed to be a Disney adult.

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Once you step into the park, it's not silly anymore to wear mouse ears, sit in a pirate ship and fly above London with Peter Pan, or get excited to meet Mickey Mouse even though you know it's an actual person inside that costume. It even felt natural to wear a Minnie Mouse polka-dot dress out in public!

Disneyland Castle Family Photo

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