Crochet Sailormoon Cosplay Sailor Moon Beanie Free Pattern
Many things have happened in the last year for our family. BB has lost 2 teeth, I started a new job, and our family moved into a new home!

As the year comes to an end, we start looking forward to the new year with new beginnings. At the start of the new year, crocheters often start looking at temperature yarn projects. Google searches often come back with "temperature blankets". 

Sometimes, crocheting blankets can be such a daunting project. What if you lose interest and don't end up finishing it? 

Unless you're working off temperatures from years in the past, you're not going to have all your temperature data all at once. So in those cases, you might only be able to work on it one row or one piece a day.

So aside from some beautiful temperature blankets, here are also some other very creative temperature projects (that are NOT blankets)!

Moss Stitch Temperature Blanket

Crochet temperature blanket stripes
I haven't been updating my blog as often as I would have liked in the last few months. So much has happened that I haven't had the opportunity to update my blog.

I'm still crocheting and making new things. I just haven't had the opportunity to blog about it. There are seriously not enough hours in the day.

I shared on my Instagram post a while ago that I got a new job. I started this new job in mid-September, it's a temporary job that allows me to work from home. It's supposed to be flexible, but I am in front of the computer all day long. So you can understand why I may not want to spend my evenings also in front of the computer, blogging.

The weekend before I started my new job, Hanson and I also made the largest purchase of our lives: we bought a TOWNHOUSE! We're moving in December and it's all so exciting! We're going from a 700+ square-foot condo to a 1700+ square-foot townhouse!

It's been a bittersweet experience. I love our condo and because it's our first home and the whole story of how we got it.

Our First Home
For some of us, Halloween is something we prepare for during the whole month of October (and maybe even at the end of September).

You may have been getting ready for the holiday for weeks, with pumpkins carved, candy stocked, and the finishing touches on your handmade crochet costume all ready to go.

Whether you’ve been planning all month or are just trying to put together some last-minute activities for the kids, you can add some extra fun to this Halloweekend with these five Halloween-themed printables.

Each printable is the perfect balance of sweet and spooky, and kids of all ages will enjoy them!

1. Set Up a Game of “You’ve Been BOOed”

If you’ve decided to stay socially distanced for Halloween this year, it doesn’t mean the kids have to miss out on any of the fun! Start a game of “you’ve been BOOed” by tagging a neighbour with a bag of candy on their doorstep and these cute door printables.

You and the kids can drop the goodies off, ring the doorbell, and then watch your neighbours receive your surprise from a safe distance. It will be up to them to continue the game by tagging another neighbour, and everyone gets to join in on the socially-distanced fun!

Fun Halloween Printable: You've Been Booed

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