Putting Craft Benefits into Perspective

Monday, December 07, 2015

The pandemic has transformed our day-to-day lives. As more and more people have been forced to stay at home, they are revisiting long lost hobbies. 

The pandemic has encouraged a renewal in all sorts of hobbies, bringing back memories along with them. Crafting is one of those things that the pandemic has brought back from the past. 

More and more people walk down memory lane and rediscover old hobbies, such as drawings, crochet, origami, etc. Yet, with positive talks about a COVID vaccine, you may be wondering if it’s finally time to put craft gear back into the drawer. 

However, don’t give up on a beloved hobby just because life may be returning to normal soon. On the contrary, there’s a lot more to crafting than what meets the eye. Every hobby can have a ton of beneficial effects. 

But, as it happens, craft activities are the most likely to change your life for the better. If you’ve (re)discovered crafting during the pandemic, here’s why you should keep it up: 

1. It is the Best Anti-Stress Therapy 

Life is stressful at the best of times. But during a global pandemic, you can expect a huge spike in anxiety and stress all around the world. Things you can’t control can feel overwhelming. But in the long term, it takes a toll on your health, both physically and mentally.

Did you know that craft acts as a core basis for occupational therapy to help relieve stress? Crafting helps distance yourself from negative emotions. Studies have shown that crafting can be beneficial for individuals who struggle with mental health disorders, including anorexia and PTSD.

Does it mean that it’s only suitable for mental health patients who are going through a lot of pressure? The answer is no. If it works for them, it’s more than likely to achieve possible results for you too! 

2. It Lets You Express Your Emotions

Crafting gives you the unique opportunity to put your emotions into a visible and tangible shape. It’s never easy to put your feelings into words. But with crafting, you can go one step higher and pour them into your creations. 

At a time when healthcare professionals are on the front line of the pandemic, perhaps you’re trying to express your thanks and thoughts. Small businesses all around the world have joined forces to support their local nurses and doctors by sending food or protective equipment, for instance. 

Crafting can give you the chance to pay homage to healthcare heroes, for instance, with a small nurse amigurumi pattern. You can put into craft the things you can’t say in words. 

Craft hobbies can help you not only focus your emotions but also help others through the same process, whether you’re drawing a picture of your late neighbour or knitting a pair of tiny boots for a newborn. Crafting is an outpour of emotions.

3. It Keeps Your Brain Fit

You might think that learning foreign languages and doing math problems is the only way to protect your brain health. However, craft hobbies offer a unique brain plasticity experience. 

A unique what? Yes, it might sound odd at first. Brian plasticity means that the brain is continually changing and creating new connections. It is a natural process that happens when you learn and practice new skills, including craft coordination. 

In other words, when you’re knitting, drawing, painting, or even sewing, you’re encouraging your brain to build new paths, which keeps it active. 

4. It Can Create a Second Source of Income

There’s not always a lot of money in craft hobbies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your passion into a side hustle. 

Selling crochet amigurumi figures or hand-drawn portraits could become a profitable hobby business. It’s unlikely to replace your full-time job. But it can help make ends meet and tackle substantial investment. 

After all, it’s a good idea to make your craft hustle part of your mortgage calculator. You might find that crafting gives you some extra financial breathing room! 

5. It’s a Never-Ending Source of Presents

Do you find it hard to find present ideas? Sometimes, we’d like to mark the occasion without breaking the bank or buying something unimaginative. 

Craft hobbies can make most gifts thoughtful and personal. It is something that you’ve made specifically for the person. It is more meaningful than a store-bought item. 

And you can be sure that it gives you plenty of choices to show your appreciation. Whether you are celebrating your nephew’s birth or preparing a teacher’s end of year gift, crafting offers an infinite choice! 

6. It is a Rewarding Feeling

There’s something uniquely satisfying when you can proudly say, “I’ve made it myself.” It’s a unique sense of pride. Crafting is a hands-on experience that gives life to your inner world. 

Whether you finish sewing a dress or you’re preparing a crochet toy, it is hugely rewarding to be able to hold in your hands the thing you imagined. We live in an age where people seek performance and achievements in everything they do. Yet, success is not something you can hold in your hand. 

Therefore, it’s a unique sense of achievement to make something you can touch and admire. After a stressful week, there’s nothing more satisfying than making something beautiful for yourself!

7. You Make New Friends

The global pandemic has changed our social circles. Most people have been forced to stay at home and reduce social outings. Therefore, it’s fair to say that you might feel lonely if you’re isolating by yourself. 

Crafting may seem like a solitary hobby, but the craft community is huge. All around the world, crafters can unite and reach out to the online craft community to discuss their findings, exchange their creative views, or simply laugh at each other’s practice runs. You’re never alone when you craft.

The pandemic might have renewed your craft hobby, but there’s no need to give it up once life goes back to normal. On the contrary, crafting gives you a new perspective on life. 

It offers a way of expressing your emotions and managing negative thoughts. It can give you an infinite supply of ideas for presents and side hustles. 

And finally, it’s a happy hobby that makes you feel connected and satisfied. What’s not to like?

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