Protecting Your Precious Items When Moving House

Sunday, 18 January 2015

You have some precious items to take with you when moving house, and you want to be sure they’re taken care of during the journey. Big craft projects that took you a while, or little pieces you put together with your children that hold a lot of sentimental value etc., are all precious items. Knowing how to keep them safe during such a process, alongside all of your expensive items like jewellery or vintage sets, is key to reducing your moving stress!

So, with all that in mind, we’ve compiled a quick little list of tips to keep in mind when packing your house up. Give it a quick read and see if it’ll help.

Take the Most Precious with You

If there’s something really precious to move from one house to another, and you’re not sure how to wrap it (it’s too big or it’s too fiddly to do so, etc), you can always take it with you physically. Hold it on your lap or keep it in your personal bag, and ensure it’s one of the first things in your new house - you won’t lose it this way, and it’ll be far less likely to break this way too.

Wrap Them Properly

Wrapping precious items takes a bit of time and care, but it’s certainly doable! If you’re popping your items into a box, make sure you line it first - giving your items an extra layer of cushioning in the form of bubble wrap helps to protect against bouncing or knocking.

Then make sure your items are tightly packed with tissue paper, ensuring there's no room for them to even budge an inch. Try to stuff as much as you can into the box, and make sure the heavier items are at the bottom, with the lighter pieces tightly packed at the top. This helps to keep the weight distributed properly and evenly.

Find a Professional Moving Company

Sure, you could move your precious items yourself, keeping them on your lap where you can keep an eye on them, but you can’t keep that up in the long term. If you’ve got a lot to move, you need more manpower on your side.

A professional moving company will know just how to pack up in such a way that anything fragile will be kept safe in the moving van, so why not get in touch with a company near you that could help? It’s easier than ever to do so, especially if you have wifi, what with websites like to rely on for a quick readup and quote forms to fill in a few minutes.

If you’ve got precious items to move, now that you’re packing up your house and going somewhere new, make sure you keep tips like these in mind. It takes a bit of practice to keep your things truly safe, but there’s a lot of help out there for you to rely on too.

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