Nine Ways To Keep Children Busy On A Long Trip

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Whether you’re planning a long road trip or have a long flight ahead of a vacation, keeping children occupied on long journeys can be difficult. If you’re worried about how you’re going to keep them quiet, try a few of these ideas.

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  1. Pack a box of treats and fun. Give each child something like a lunchbox or a large Tupperware. Help them to fill it up with some treasures for the trip. This could be things like small toys, craft projects, some favourite snacks, colouring pencils or stickers to decorate the box with. They’ll be excited to get into the packs they packed for themselves.

  2. Buy some child-friendly audiobooks. Whether you listen together on headphones or in the car as a family, audiobooks can be a great distraction tool. Choose children’s classics that you won’t mind listening to as well, even on repeat. Short stories could be a good pick for younger kids with short attention spans.

  3. Download some YouTube clips for them. Kids YouTube has become a really popular way to distract little ones, but it’s of no help when you’re on a plane with no WiFi. Following the guide here,, download some favourites for them that can be watched with no need for internet.

  4. Download some versatile apps. Young children can’t concentrate on things for very long so you need a good variety of options. Apps with lots of entertainment built in are a great pick. For example, the Disney Now app has hours of games, radio, trivia and puzzles themed on Disney Channel, Marvel and Star Wars characters. For little ones, try PBS Kid apps.

  5. Make fun snacks. Snack time can be a game too with the right treats. Have the kids thread different flavours of Cheerios onto a string. Tie the ends together to form a necklace that they can snack on during the trip.

  6. Stick with classic car games. Simple games like I Spy or looking for cars of a certain colour are easy for even little kids to join in with. Try Road Trip Bingo. The first to spot a full set of common roadside sites like trucks, stop signs or a police car, wins.

  7. If you’re on a long car journey, do some research in advance to find some fun places to stop along the way. Break the journey up into chunks and make getting there part of the fun. You could stop at roadside attractions, fun diners or places for family trips, like farm parks.

  8. Car karaoke. A good singalong can be incredible amounts of fun. Blast the kids’ favourites or choose a soundtrack from a family favourite movie. Turn up the volume and sing like nobody can hear you. Pack some surprises.

  9. Pack up some new toys or activities to surprise the children with when they’re getting bored with other games. This could be a new colouring book, some small toys or a snack they’re usually not allowed. Something new and a special treat is sure to excite the kids and keep them busy for a little longer.

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