DIY Crochet Boho Dream Catcher

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Whether you believe that dream catchers are imbued with the magical power to catch nightmares, or whether you think they are super cool bits of decoration, making your own can be a fun and satisfying process. With that in mind check out the tutorial below that will allow you to create a boho masterpiece with just a few simple materials.

What You Need / Materials

  • Wooden hoop/embroidery hoop
  • Crochet doily Ribbons/ strips of fabric
  • White string or wool
  • Fake flowers Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: The doily

The first step in creating this gorgeous home accessory is to either find or create the doily. Now, these are pretty easy to pick up at flea markets, garage sales, and even by using online auctions. Although, if you are in a crochet sort of mood you can quickly make your own with thinner wool or even string. Check out the video below to see how.

Step 2: Cover the ring

Once you have the doily ready, you need to cover the ring to make it as decorative possible before adding the centre. To do this, you can wrap it in fabric or with string for a more rustic monotone vibe. While doing this be sure to use one of the many hot glue guns on the market to dot adhesive every couple of times you go around. Then the ring cover will be sure to stay in place, even after you affix the other elements.

Step 3: Attach the doily in the centre

The next job is to fix the doily in the centre. An effective way of doing this is to use string or wool to tie it on at different places around the circle. To make this as aesthetically pleasing as possible be sure to use the same part of the pattern in the doily to attach to the ring each time, and all the way around. Then trim off any excess ends. Step 4: The tail The penultimate step is the tail, and this is really where you can let your creativity run away with you. All you need to do is tie on the tail, piece by piece with a secure knot. Remember to use double length ribbons or strips, and tie them in the middle, so you get two strands from every one piece.

Macrame can add an attractive texture to your dream catcher.

You might go for a simple string tail and even use some macrame techniques to get a pleasing effect. Other choices include using strips of fabric and ribbon in bright colours and patterns, or for a more delicate look white not use pieces of lace that will flow in the breeze?

Step 5: The final touches

Last, but not least, don't forget to add you finial decorative touches. Fake flowers look amazing over the bottom part of the ring. Pick all cream and white for a minimalist hippy look or bright colours for a more Frida Kahlo vibe. Be sure to affix these using hot glue too, as then you can be sure that they will stay put whether you display your work inside or out.

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